Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Use Your $%$#@&^ Signal Lights

I just managed to avoid an accident this morning, one that would have included two of my children and all because some bozo didn't think it necessary to use his signal lights.

I was heading south on 794 and was signaling to get into the Greenfield Avenue exit lane. There was a car on my right that was traveling that lane, having exited off I94. Autos who exit I94 to 794 generally merge and continue south to the airport, to Chicago or to the I43 exit for Beloit. Occasionally, however, they stay in the lane and exit on Greenfield Avenue.

I was moving faster than this auto and not seeing a signal light, continued thinking I would pull in ahead (there was another auto just behind it following closely). All of a sudden, out of my right peripheral vision I saw the auto swerve toward me. I managed to swerve enough to avoid the auto and sped up to get ahead without interrupting traffic on my left. But my son was shaken and the baby started crying because of the jerk to her head caused by my sharp and quick actions.

I got into the exit lane and looked over to my left in time to see this auto, being driven by some guy, drive by without even a glance in my direction or a wave of apology.

Bastard. Use your %$%$#!%&* signal lights.

3 Swings of the bat:

Billiam said...

Welcome to my world! Glad you and the young'ns are all right.

Dad29 said...


I-794 does NOT have a Greenfield Avenue exit.

No wonder the other driver was unconcerned about you--you could not have been there!

(You meant I-894, right?)

Other Side said...

You're right. Oops.