Friday, September 28, 2007

Limpballs Has Audacity to Disparage Troops

Rush Limbaugh said recently that troops who want America to get her troops out of Iraq are “phony soldiers.” This from a guy who couldn't serve because he had a pimple on his ass. Jon Soltz, a guy who was actually a soldier in Iraq, calls Limpballs out.

As Media Matters reported today, Rush Limbaugh, on his show said that those troops who come home and want to get America out of the middle of the religious civil war in Iraq are "phony soldiers." I'd love for you, Rush, to have me on your show and tell that to me to my face.

Where to begin?

First, in what universe is a guy who never served even close to being qualified to judge those who have worn the uniform? Rush Limbaugh has never worn a uniform in his life -- not even one at Mickey D's -- and somehow he's got the moral standing to pass judgment on the men and women who risked their lives for this nation, and his right to blather smears on the airwaves?

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