Friday, September 28, 2007

Don't Purchase Items from HD Workshops

I just received a call from a place called HD Workshops. It's based in Phoenix, Arizona. Here is the description of the company's services from its website.

HD Workshops is a service-oriented company offering you the opportunity to purchase products to benefit the disabled community. Our locally owned and operated company has set up a work environment where disabled citizens are able to sell to you a variety of products. Whether you need to pick up lightbulbs, cleaning supplies, T-shirts, or gifts, give us a chance to provide the products for you. By placing an order, you are helping people of all colors, races, creeds, abilities, and ages become taxpayers instead of a tax burden. Contact us in Phoenix, Arizona, to place an order for lightbulbs, cleaning supplies, T-shirts, and gifts sold by disabled workers. We also offer 21 days to return any product you may be dissatisfied with.

The fellow who called asked for my wife, Kelly, by name. I told him I was her husband. I waited and finally after a few moments, he asked for Kelly again. I said, “Excuse me, I said I'm her husband, what can I do for ....” At this point he cut me off and said, “Don't get smart with me, I know where you live, cuz.” He then hung up.

I called back and managed to speak to a manager, a Mr. Thomas. While he was very apologetic, I did tell him that he had lost a donor (we have contributed in past years). I would not recommend this company to others.

It's a shame, too. All because of the attitude of one person.

3 Swings of the bat:

capper said...

I don't know. It's hard to tell by their website, just what the disabilities are...physical, developmental, emotional, cognitive, etc.

It could be that the person who called had some sort of mental health or emotional disability. But even then, you would think that they would be more careful with how they assign the positions. That person may have been more suited for a job that doesn't deal with the public.

Then again, he might have just been a jerk.

Billiam said...

We know where you live? What is this place, a haven for Mafioso and gang bangers recently released from "da big house"?

Anonymous said...

The same company calls my home, and tells me we "promised" and "gave our word" to buy items from them. Which we never did.
When we point this out, they accuse us of going back on our word.
When we asked to be removed from their call list, the caller told us "I'm going to go back on my word, just like you."
This company is a bunch of con artists trying to prey on the elderly. Buy Nothing from them.