Friday, April 07, 2006

Lies to The Right of Us

Jay at folkbum's rambles and rants provides the impetus for this piece and responds to the lies they propogate. I'm not as nice.

Wing nuts commentators and bloggers are again proving adept at being disingenuous. With their party leader’s poll numbers dropping precipitously, and having found it unsavory to ask his Saudi buddies to round up more disaffected youth and convince them to fly into tall buildings for the sake of Republican sustenance of power, these pompous pundits have latched onto the movie “United 93” as the savior of their party’s hopes in November.

This from radio shill, Charlie Sykes:

Is this movie too soon? Hardly. It’s overdue. It's a reality check; an antidote
to the fantasy world of the Charlie Sheens/Russ Feingolds who seem to have
forgotten what happened to this country and how we responded (Well, no…that’s a
lie. We as a nation responded fine. It was their fearless leader who was so baffled upon hearing the news that he delayed reacting by reading a book upside down
Peter at Texas Hold ‘em Blogger echoes Sykes:

See this trailer. It is so powerful liberals are demanding it be withdrawn from
theaters because of the shock value (Well, no…that’s a lie.). Every time I see
Sept. 11, 2001 footage, which isn't often, I am left shaking with anger. This
was no different.The terrorist appeasers (Well, no…another lie by Peter.) are
claiming it is too soon for this movie. That is a bunch of "Barbra Streisand
(B.S.)." It isn't soon enough. The national media has removed these powerful
images from our TV screens in hopes America will forget what happened that
terrible day in September 2001 (Well, no…a really big whopper.).

Badger Blogger unoriginally continues:

Charlie Sykes has been talking about the trailer for the movie Flight 93, about
9/11, I just watched the trailer. It is stunningly powerful. There are a lot of
people that say this movie should not be shown, but I feel it is the duty of all
Americans to see this movie, we must remember what evil we are fighting in the
War On Terror. To many Americans have such a short memory, and that is sad
(Well, no…another lie. I had a friend die in the fall of the Twin Towers. I
remember him. His name was Ramzi Doany. Don’t preach to me.)

And last, but certainly least, Chris at spottedhorse2 adds his two cents:

America needs this movie we need to be slapped in the face and reminded of the
real reasons why we fight and who we fight (Well, no…you guys need this more
than us…we acknowledge the dead rather than ignore the carnage brought on by
Bush the Minor.)
You can see the Trailer for United 93 here. This movie has the
chance to be like the World War 2 Series of films that Frank Capra made for the
United States Government. It was shown to GI's to explain that that war was more
than avenging Pearl Harbor but a fight for the survival of Western Civilization.

Hopefully U93 will help remind the cowards and appeasers of places like White Fish Bay and Shorewood what the real evil in the world is. It is a shame we have to call the gutless cowards who voted to cut and run, Americans in the same breath as the Brave people of that flight.

The Coward AntiAmerican left in this country, the Party of Russ Feingold doesn't want the people to see movies like this or footage from that day. Russ Feingold and his ilk want to pretend 9/11 never happen while setting us up for the next 9/11
(Well, no…that’s a really big lie.).

The true Americans in this country are the ones concerned about the safety of its troops, its citizens and maintaining the rights that both enjoy. This in sharp contrast to the LIARS on the right, like the three bloggers mentioned, who would have been comfortable living in Germany in the 30s when democracy was overwhelmed by gross lust for power.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Voting Democratic Will Set You Free

My friend, James, over at Wigderson Library & Pub is a funny man. I mean that sincerely. His posts intended to be humorous never go flat, and the one liners are the best.

He recently posted a comment about a lefty blogger who, I guess, did not find some of the wingnut comments regarding Larry Nelson's surprise victory in the Waukesha mayoral race humorous. For the most part, the comments all have to do with running for your lives, a communist government will soon be installed.

James is at his best with this photo of a new city of Waukesha logo. What James and all the other righties fail to mention was the destruction the other day of the entrance to Waukesha, torn down by the freed inmates and the liberating armies. They're just a little embarrassed. See below.

He's So Emotional

"One of the great things about America, one of the beauties of our country, is that when we see a young, innocent child blown up by an IED, we cry." -- George W. Bush

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

J-J-J-Jeff Wagner a Ch-ch-ch-cherry Picker

I couldn't help but notice as Jeff Wagner stu-stu-stu-stuttered through a piece on the anti-war referendums, that he used the term "cherry-picked" in reference to the communities that hosted the referendums. It's at least the fifth time I've read or heard that term today. Good to see the talking points memo system is still functioning.

Apparently it's his and the wingnut belief these communites were cherry-picked for the referendums to succeed. Of course, there were 12 communities that did not vote in favor, so I guess that kinda blows that theory.

Flag Waving Flip-Flop

by Greg Saunders

Has anyone bothered to point out that the righteous rage on the right over the flying of the Mexican flag by some attendees at the pro-immigration protests is coming from the same people who defended the confederate flag as a source of “southern pride” (as opposed to the rallying symbol for slave-owners and their defenders)? They were for taking pride in regional/ethnic differences before they were against it. Seems like a racist double-standard to me, but pretty consistent if you stop taking conservatives at their word.

Jessica McBucher Joins This Modern World

It was announced today by Faux News that Jessica McBucher was joining Tom Tomorrow's "This Modern World" as a mindless automaton, a role she fulfills regularly at her blogsite. Click on image to enlarge.

Poor Baby

Perennially complaining conservative whiner, Peter DiGaudio of Texas Hold 'em Blogger, can dish it out, but can't take it. He complains in comments on Xoff's site that he can't catch a break, and the mean old establishment is against him getting a job. Heck, he even applied for THREE jobs in the 80s, and didn't get hired for any of them, and he's sure that it was because of his skin color.

Now he works at a $7,000 a year job trying to teach inner city kids who don't want to learn (his words). While I could go on and on about a person claiming to be an educator putting down his/her own students as deplorable, I'm more interested in someone working for $7,000 a year in this day and age. Peter, you could make more money delivering papers.

If you take a look at Peter's blogsite, I'm thinking you will notice what I noticed...a lot of anger and it's not very well written. Not well written in the sense he cannot maintain an argument that makes sense. I've posted twice about this here and here.

Anyway, in response to a comment I made that perhaps the reason he is not hired for better jobs is because of his attitude, Peter advises me to get a 9mm, stick it in my mouth and blow my worthless ass away. Peter’s such a meany.

I hear conservatives go on and on about the anger from the left. Pat McIlheran claims it's because lefties are childish and immature, while conservatives are thoughtful and well-mannered, and would never resort to name calling or threats. Ha ha ha.

Pat, meet Peter, a poster child for anger management and the need for timeouts.

Jessica McWhiner

Jessica McBucher is already whipping out the blog posts stating that the Dems had an unfair advantage because they violated the anti-partisan aspect of the mayoral race in Waukesha. How did they do this? The Waukesha County Democratic Party sent out a memo advising members to do visibility demonstrations the day of the election.

Oh my gosh, Jessica. The horror.

Of course, the irony is that Jessica completely neglects to mention that Ann Nischke proudly proclaimed her Republicanhood and support of Bride of Tabor (a Republican-backed initiative), and that Republican former Gov. Tommy Thompson and Republican F(at). James Sensenbrenner campaigned for Dan Vrakas for Waukesha County board exec.

She saves the funniest for last. She has protested long-windedly and hard against the anti-war referendums in the state. She even resorted to Joe McCarthy tactics and claimed they were set up by communist front groups, notwithstanding there are numerous stories of people who felt so strongly that they pushed for these referendums on their own, without any outside help, and succeeded in getting them on ballots. Anyway, Jessica claims victory by pointing out that if you remove the votes from Shorewood, Madison and La Crosse, voters by a solid majority voted against the referendums.

Uh, I see. Is that the new McBucher and Republican strategy? In this November’s elections, the defeat of Republican-backed candidates will be nullified because the votes of liberals don’t count?

Jessica McBucher, defender of tyranny and a (look up the word Rush Limbaugh used to describe the women allegedly raped by a lacrosse team) for the Republican establishment.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Speaker for Mayor

Going to vote for Jeff Speaker today, for mayor of Brookfield. I like the truck he drives and that he won't toss shoes in my direction if we disagree.

Not terribly in-depth reasons for voting, but at least I vote.

We The People Defend This Nation

I get tired of responding to these clowns. But this was so blatantly sophomoric that I couldn’t pass it up. This from "Alicia" commenting on an anti-referendum post at Wigderson Library & Pub.

It's an emotional issue, and fear has a way of clouding sound judgment.If it
weren't for our history of troops defending our liberties,and our ideals,we may
not have had the luxury of holding a public referendum/elections/ and have
freedom of speech. Are these people who are anti-war also pro-Saddam Hussein
(and the likes of him? Our country has chosen to take a brave stand. The easier
path is to stand for nothing/do nothing then criticize the leadership who is
actually trying to achieve goals.

Alicia, which tyranny do you come from? Last time I looked, “we the people” were the protectors of our liberties and ideals. When did we give up that right and allow tyranny to triumph.

I am insulted that you seem to think that holding public referendums, elections and practicing freedom of speech is a luxury.



It is insulting for you to denigrate those who are doing their duty and are taking a stand for what they believe is the right course for this country, while you complacently enjoy the fruits of luxury.

I do not agree with you that our country took a brave stand in Iraq. I believe we are in the wrong in Iraq. I believe that we are the aggressor in Iraq. No one participating in these referendums is pro-Hussein…we should have took him out in the first gulf war, but George’s daddy’s Saudi friends advised against it then. Who is really looking out for our best interests, Alicia, certainly you don’t believe that the Saudis are?

No, Alicia, the easiest path is to do nothing, which is the path you have chosen. You have chosen to turn your back on civic duty and you have turned your back on the troops, our fellow citizens. That's right, Alicia, the troops are the same as me and those citizens standing up with the anti-war referendums: citizens.

Monday, April 03, 2006

They Need Serious Help

Tree hugging – it is somehow bad to hug a tree now and then. I’ve climbed trees when I was a kid and when I got too high, I hugged that tree for dear life. I felt sad when we had to cut the apple tree in the backyard down. It had provided apples for many years and contributed to numerous apple dishes. It provided shade. It provided food for animals who would visit our backyard. Hugging a tree is not such a bad thing, but Patrick McIlheran and conservatives would have you think so.

Anti-war – it is somehow bad to be against war. No one I know likes war. The military only fights war as a last resort. War causes death. Lots of it. The opposite of anti-war is, I guess to be for war. Is this really what Patrick McIlheran and conservatives want? That says something about their morals or lack thereof.

Peacenik – it is somehow bad to be for peace. See above.

More as they come up. Conservatives are such sad people.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Baseball and Being White

A busy weekend spent with friends talking baseball primarlily, but also some politics, lots of music, what's going on with families, who's died...all done with beer and mohitos. Sadly, an acquaintance of ours from high school days passed away. Al LaLeike was a good-hearted guy. It was always a joy to see him again.

I think I improved my chances to contend for the Little Nine title again this year. The first order of business was a trade to J. I traded Dontrelle Willis, Miguel Cabrera, Felipe Lopez and my second round pick for Todd Helton, Grady Sizemore and the top pick in the draft.

Not satisfied, I turned around and traded the top pick in the draft and Grady Sizemore for Ricky Weeks and Vernon Wells.

It remains to be seen whether any of these moves will help.

One thing on "white advantage" a topic of interest in the right wing of the Cheddarsphere. My gosh you people are twisted. It's been a little over 40 years since the Civil Rights Act and already you're complaining. Oh my, your "white disadvantage" has been whittled away a bit (I know you're saying there isn't one, but it's what you sound like).

Got news for you blockheads, we as a nation have a long way to go before centuries of advantage are evened or wiped out. If you think living the black experience as it is for many today is a choice, much the same as the choice all of you get to make in life, then you are more narrow-minded than I ever thought.