Friday, November 16, 2007

A Sad Day for Baseball

I am not going to waste time heaping vituperation on Barry Bonds. The lesser lights on the right will do that for me. However, I will say this: What a sad day for baseball.

Here are two links to articles at ESPN, one by Gene Wojciechowski, who manages to express his disdain for Bonds without the use of vulgar language or coded racial epitaphs. The other is an investigative report that goes far in illuminating the evidence that Bonds did perjure himself.

Brilliance? Genius? Fred Dooley?

It's as though conservatives have this huge self-image issue so they must go around labeling each other as brilliant or genius. Seriously, keep an eye out for this and you will see it recur over and over.

Now, I like Tom McMahon, he is very clever and has had more than a few interesting posts, but “genius” and “brilliant?” Oh, heck ... yeah, I'd rank Tom right up there with Stephen Hawking and Charles Dickens. It's the weekend and I'm leaving to visit friends, so I'll be generous. Have a great weekend, Tom.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It's Not Attacking, It's Poking Fun

As always, apologies to the genius of Tom Tomorrow and This Modern World.

I Object (continued)

The continuing saga of Peter DiGuadio and the chattering chihuahuas. Capper at Whallah and the Brew City Brawler have taken up the slack and kept up the heat on some very objectionable blogging. Below are links to four additional posts.

Very interesting, indeed.

Happy Birthday, Abby

Been busy (inside joke, but yes, Fred ... I know the word ). This past Sunday we held a Packer/ Barbie party to help convince relatives to come and to celebrate my daughter Abby's seventh birthday (I suspect the relatives would have come anyway). It was a blast. Here are a few pictures of one very ecstatic little girl, and one of her baby sister who hogged some of the spotlight.