Saturday, March 04, 2006

Don't Throw Stones

There is a good piece on the "defense of marriage" amendment written by Rick Esenberg. Mr. Esenberg also writes a column for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Anyway, in this piece he argues that it's the heated comments that make debate on this difficult.

I would suggest he is correct, but reasoned thought is not a province of the right only. And, tell that to the bible-thumpers.

I just want to add that adding discrimination to a document that lays out rights is obscene.

BTW: Gay people have been around for much more than twenty years and people of Abrahamic faiths have known of them. Times change. Also, sexual exclusivity is, I believe, part of what makes a marriage. Heteros have made a mess of that, though. It's that old glass house adage....

Friday, March 03, 2006

Goosestep With Me Baby

Another conservative talking point that is getting old (variations of this too)...

I couldn't believe he would deny a chance at a decent education to thousands of
poor African American kids in Milwaukee.

I have seen or heard this version at least a dozen times in the last month, by a number of different bloggers and right-wing talk show hosts. It is really very funny to see the conservatives marching in formation together, eyes right toward their fearless leader (it's a metaphor BTW).

Thursday, March 02, 2006

No Guts, No Glory

The MSM in this country amount to a bunch of woosies. They are too afraid to even ask any questions about the video with Bush that appears to contradict his statement two days later that no one anticipated the levees failing.

Bush is a failure as President in all regards but one...he has managed to muzzle the press. The next time a conservative tells me that the so-called liberal press does this and that...I will laugh long and hard.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Pathetic Melodrama

This from a local blogger:

In a week when we're mourning the loss of Michael Joyce, the former
executive director of the Bradley Foundation who gave life to the school
choice movement, we shouldn't see thousands of poor, disadvantaged children
see their dreams die with him.

Michael Joyce himself said he enjoyed a good fight and didn't mind getting into the fray. I say good riddance. He never cared about African-Americans. It was a fringe argument designed to get Repugs to the polls, just like the anti-gay measure voted on the other day (which cowardly conservative bloggers have yet to stand up against). He was just a totalitarian wannabe. He would have been great camp leader in some small communist-run gulag. How's that for getting into it?

Short and Simple

Conservatives lie and cannot be trusted. They never have the best interests of the people in mind. The "me first" attitude is a conservative invention.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Plantation Days

James, James. Talk about taking someone out of context. James says this about folkbum's recent blog on school vouchers:

Jay Bullock at Folkbum's Rants and Rambles has declared his blog is for whites only. He says it's "insane" to "tell blacks {sic} what to think." (I'm sure this will be news
to his MPS students.)

This is what folkbum really wrote:

See what I mean about insane? Tierny is another one of those--like Milwaukee's
own Charlie Sykes, for example--white guys who feels the need to tell blacks
what to think; not even in my insanest days to I go that far.

Apparently (McBucher word again) it's okay for conservatives to tell African Americans what to think and do, like: "Go fetch me my paper, boy." Yeah, conservatives should feel comfortable saying that. They have experience.

Make Mine Bloody

This comment found at Wigderson Library & Pub, by "anonymous."

Well i'm not in favor of civil wars unless they are the bloodless variety.
But i don't see a civil war in Iraq as Bad or a Defeat for America. Nor even
Iraq. I envision an Iraqi civil war ending in three very seperate but very
stable nation states. There would be the Kurds in the North, Shia in the South,
and the Sunnis in a postage stamp in the Greater Bagdad area. Bloody perhaps,
but not Bad.Anonymous 02.27.06 - 8:34 pm #

When has there ever been a bloodless civil war? This fool is wise to stay anonymous. And his final statement is just cold-blooded. I guess bloody is good if it furthers the conservative agenda.

Pros and Cons

I was scanning through a few blogs and saw that Belle at Leaning Blue was initiating a form of Point/Counter Point forum. It's a nice idea. The first part of it was to be on the pros and cons of corporate blogging. Jumping the gun a bit -- typically of conservatives (MHO) -- Fred took it upon himself to play the role of all positions (including the ugly).

SURPRISE. Charlie Yikes was the epitome of what a good corporate blog is all about. Yikes is an arrogant blowhard. The day will come when people finally see through Herr Transparency.

The bad was covered by Spivak and Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel…another big surprise. Fred apparently has nothing better to do than track the leanings of Spivak and Bice, similar to the machinations of the Media Research Center and their resident quack, Brent Bozell. Lots of drivel.

The last had to do mainly with the Racine Journal Times and the fact that a conservative blogger was no longer allowed to e-mail the Journal Times because his “crime” was complaining about its bias. Head knock! Complaining about bias is one thing, being vulgar and crude while doing it (my gut feeling in this case) is another.

UPDATE: The Racine Journal Times has apparently (there's that McBucher word again) decided to release the ban on this particular blogger. Shame on the Racine Journal Times if its ban was merely because someone expressed an opinion, civilly.

Monday, February 27, 2006

A Plug for Magic Eraser!

Not much in the mood for blogging today. Dropped the kiddies off at their mother's house the other evening and immediately began missing them. I've been told I'll be happier to move them when they reach their teenage years...I am not so sure.

Spent the day cleaning. Dusted and vacuumed in the living room, tidied up the kid's room (that was hard) and then proceeded to cleaning the kitchen floor, which had accumulated all sorts of grime and muck the past few months. Regular mopping has had only an illusory effect. More was needed.

Magic Eraser!

While it does require that I get down on my knees for this, and my 49 year old knees do not take kindly to kneeling on hard surfaces, Magic Eraser! (each time you read those two words, imagine a booming voice saying the words out loud, like on tv ads of old)...say it again...Magic Eraser!

Anyway, Magic Eraser!...oh, stop it already.

Using the product is easy. Soak it in water, rinse it out, and then scrub the surface. It takes off grime and muck and even removes surface scratches.

It really was a remarkable transformation. The floor looked new again. And all because of...

I'm not going there again.

Well, just one more time because it is time to end the day...

Magic Eraser!