Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Bad Day

One of our local conservative bloggers was having a bad day a little while ago. Nothing compared to this bad day, me thinks.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Frankovis for Dogcatcher

Another comment from rejected wannabe police chief, Glenn D. Frankovis. Yes, he would have been a fine police chief for the wingnut/bigoted citizens of Milwaukee (sarcasm intended).

Owen, it’s all about “Diversity uber alles” and the liberal racist feeling good about him/herself for helping the poor “oppressed” minority (or other protected class member) because it’s very apparent (to the lib) that without the lib’s help, this person couldn’t do it by him/herself. Equal Opportunity just isn’t enough for these people.

What a pathetic statement. His proof is some obsure comment by Hubert Humphrey back in 1964. Fact is Humphrey was a hack. He was willing to say anything to ensure a chance at the Presidency (kind of like Liberman today). To use him as an example of liberal policies is, to say the least, bizarre.

Frankovis, you are a twisted putz and the city of Milwaukee is light years better off that you are not being considered for police chief.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Glad He Won't Be Chief

I read recently that former city of Milwaukee police officer, Glenn D. Frankovis, the originator of the "thug" memo a few years ago, was recently told he was no longer being considered for the position of Police Chief of the city of Milwaukee. I read his resume cover letter (posted at Real Debate) ... it would make an excellent example of how not to write a resume cover letter.

Copied below are a couple comments by Mr. Frankovis at Real Debate. I for one am thankful this fruitloop was not considered. I have a tough time thinking he would be able to show any form of objectivity.

What we need are more Bookmobiles and church meetings to discuss Anger Management. Anybody up for a chorus of "We are the world?"Glenn D. Frankovis 06.11.07 - 4:44 pm #

These clowns derive their power from the real thugs in this country - the mainstream media and its ultra left wing puppeteers. The fact that Republicans don't seem to have the balls to stand up to them doesn't help either.Glenn D. Frankovis 06.09.07 - 10:36 am #

UPDATE: Saint Fred at Real Debate caught that I inaccurately referred to Frankovis' resume, when it should have been his cover letter. Unlike wingnuts, I admit and correct my errors.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

We Agreed to Disagree and Had Fun Doing It

It was a perfect day for sitting outside on the patio, munching on yummy appetizers, eating lemon and barbecue chicken, failing to resist dessert and hoisting a few with friends.

James Wigderson and Doreen Wigderson of Wigderson Library and Pub infamy (kidding); his father Bill and mom, Molly; Aaron Kreel of Subject to Change and the wonderful Kelly; Michael Mathias and Anne Quimby-Mathias of Pundit Nation fame, and family and friends got together Sunday for ... fun. It was a blast ... conversations were lively, kids ran wild and we hope to do it again real soon. Below is a picture of the lesser half of the Rock family with daughter Quin, and Aaron and Kelly's son Cole.

She's a Serious Pundit

Apologies to Tom Tomorrow.