Saturday, January 14, 2006

Poor Mrs. Alito

This was redirected to "Sykes Writes" from NRO's Bench Memos.

THOSE COMPASSIONATE LIBERALS: Wendy has this statement out via the Judicial Confirmation Network: “Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer, the big bad boys of the Judiciary Committee, have turned these hearings from ‘Groundhog Day' into 'Kennedy the Barbarian.' These are the men who posture as being sensitive to women's rights and so opposed to violence against them. Well, their relentless verbal violence and character assassination of this good man finally took its toll on Mrs. Alito. Link to read more of this drivel.

This is at least the fifth or sixth instance I have read of the big, mean Dems making poor Mrs. Alito cry. Oh cut it out. This is just typical Republican posturing to change the subject away from the real issue...Alito didn't say a damn thing. The man has some serious issues in his past...legitimate issues...and he can't remember anything when asked.

Perhaps he should be tested for Alzheimers.

Oh, wait, we had a president who snoozed through eight years with Alzheimers, so no problem.

Below is a piece by Greg Saunders that should explain, for those Republicans who can't figure out why the prez's choice is not just rubber stamped...

The Reason We Have Confirmation Hearings by Greg Saunders
The fact that Sam Alito spent all week stonewalling was to be expected, but I think some of the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee deserve equal blame for treating this more like political theater than a job interview. I understand getting a soundbite is part of the shallow hell that our political climate has become, but a lot of the exchanges makes it clear that most of the Democrats think they’re a tough question away from getting Alito to blurt out some incriminating remark like “Abortion is worse than the holocaust” or “the President should be considered a monarch”. But I fear that the hunt for a smoking gun is coming at the expense of helping the American people figure out who the hell this Alito guy is. Link to read more.

Friday, January 13, 2006 first post. I'll start with the Packers. In Wisconsin, one is always safe discussing the Packers. I like the Mike McCarthy pick as coach. Why? Mainly because he is from Pittsburgh. They make them tough in Pittsburgh. If there was one thing that I think has been lacking from the Packers (other than Favre) it is toughness.

I also like that he immediately stated that all that was needed for the Packers was retooling, not rebuilding. The Pack does not need to rebuild. They have a lot of young talent. And they gained experience this year. Now let's hope that Favre hangs around one more year at least.