Friday, April 13, 2007

My Soda Has Zero Calories ... Nyah Nyah Nyah

I was heading back home from having picked up some goods at the local Pick n’ Save. Turned on the radio thinking I might catch the Brewers/Cardinals game and was shocked to hear the unmistakably shrill voice of Jessica McBride. Damn, rain delay.

So, I listened a bit, hard though it was on my ears. She was talking about State Senator Ted Kanavas’ gimmick of highlighting 30 different tax or fee increases during the month of April. All right, I thought. Big deal … I do like to know where my money is being spent, though I’m less needy than my conservative brethren ... so I decided to listen until I got home.

Apparently today, Kanavas highlighted a 2 cent increase on the cost of each can of soda … the revenue, estimated to be about $70 million, to be directed to a trust fund used to increase dental reimbursement rates.

I was turning into the driveway when Jessica started in on this, so wanting to hear what she would end up saying about the increase, I waited to turn the car off. She concluded by saying (paraphrasing) “I drink Coke Zero. There are no calories in Coke Zero. So I don’t want to have to pay for dental reimbursement for the poor because my soda doesn’t contribute to cavities.”

Two things struck me as odd about this.:

One: McBride must really dislike those less fortunate than her because she sure jumped on them pretty quickly. In fact, no where in Mr. Kanavas’ spiel was anything mentioned about the reimbursement being strictly for the poor.

Two: Calories have nothing to do with tooth decay.

Is McBride really this dumb?

(fyi: Diet colas don't contain sugars that cause tooth decay but they contain phosphoric acid. Acids can cause erosion in teeth. It’s different from decay, but can be just as bad. On the other hand, Coke Zero does contain aspartame, which some have linked to brain cancer. If true, that would explain much about McBride.)

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Kurt Vonnegut

I was saddened to read that a childhood companion of mine, Kurt Vonnegut, has died at the age of 84, presumably of brain injuries suffered during a fall. I say a childhood friend because I remember reading "Player Piano" the first time just about the time I entered high school. Afterward, I read everything I could get my hands on written by Vonnegut. Vonnegut pushed the envelope ...

"He was a man who combined a wicked sense of humor and sort of steady moral compass, who was always sort of looking at the big picture of the things that were most important," said Joel Bleifuss, editor of In These Times, a liberal magazine based in Chicago that featured Vonnegut articles.

Some of Vonnegut's books were banned and burned for alleged obscenity. He took on censorship as an active member of the PEN writers' aid group and the American Civil Liberties Union.

The American Humanist Association, which promotes individual freedom, rational thought and scientific skepticism, made him its honorary president.

I hope in my life I can look back and know I rocked the boat just a bit and caused just a little uncomfortableness like Vonnegut did.

I really wonder what gives us the right to wreck this poor planet of ours. -- Kurt Vonnegut


I was considering keeping this secret, but then decided there was no point. I am going to have a t-shirt made with the word "Whallah" emblazoned across the chest in honor of our journalist wanna-be, Jessica McBride. If anyone is interested in their own t-shirt, either reply here or send me a note via e-mail ( Include size specs.

While I'm not too worried about the cost, some help will be appreciated. I will post the cost later after determining what it will be. Deadline for letting me know is next week Friday, April 20.

Monday, April 09, 2007

No Outrage

The price of gas hit $2.89 at the station around the corner. I asked the clerk inside if she had been getting complaints about the price and she said no. Has anyone else noticed the lack of outrage.

I remember just before the election how this was an issue guaranteed to inflame tempers. My only conclusion is that elections, that centerpiece of our democracy that should bring out the best in Americans, brings out the worst.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Daddy/Daughter Night Out

My youngest sister was lucky enough to come into four Admirals tickets for Friday night's game. She had one ticket to spare (she was going with her two boys) and asked if my son Ian would like to join them. Of course he jumped at the chance.

Unfortunately, this left out his younger sister, six-year old Abby. Well, daddy being free as well, he invited his beautiful daughter to join him for a dinner date at Pepinos. Abby took a bath. Kelly dried her hair and helped her get ready and when she was, she was even more astoundingly beautiful. I'm such a lucky dad.

I was very proud of Abby throughout dinner (which also included shakes from Culvers later). She was on her best manners. She said thank you, excuse me and please when appropriate. She did not interrupt the waiter while he was talking and was the perfect dinner guest.

I'll bet the other patrons saw how proud Abby's dada was of her.