Wednesday, March 22, 2006

She's Still Yours, Conservative Friends

Ann Coulter, the darling of the right-wing nuts and of Patrick McIlheran (he calls her witty in the same mean way as Maureen Dowd -- whatever) has this column titled "Revenge of the Queers" at WorldNetDaily. In her column she welcomes Claude Allen, an African-American top administration official for 4 ½ years to her world, the world of those hated by the New York Times.

A couple of things: The New York Times is not the only institution that hates Ann Coulter … just one of many.

And this is funny, she says: “I'm sorry it took a tough period in Allen's life for the New York Times to feature him under a banner headline on its front page, but all in all, I'm glad to finally know about Claude Allen. I'm proud to have this great fellow sinner in our party.”

A tough period? He was caught (well, accused of…) stealing!

It’s hilarious. Not even shoplifting can change the attitude of conservatives toward one of there own. The party of crooks has added another.

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