Sunday, March 19, 2006

Put a Sock In It

I always think it funny that conservatives and conservative bloggers like to complain that the MSM never prints stories about items imporant to conservatives and conservative bloggers. And if they do, it is never enough.

Did it ever occur to them that maybe, just maybe, they're only important in their own minds. The MSM is not required to report on every single story. The placement of a story and it's importance for their publication is their decision.

Conservatives and conservative bloggers spend more time complaining about the MSM in one day than the MSM does covering their antics in one entire year. Duh...there's a reason. You're no big deal.

2 Swings of the bat:

James Wigderson said...

If we were no big deal, why were there so many journalism trade school graduates in the room?

Other Side said...

Trade schools are operated only for the purpose of providing training, not for furthering education. Consequently, IMHO, the skills of these individuals is more linear than in-depth...and more indicative of a lack of motivation to achieve a real education.

I would suggest their appearance had nothing to do with anything.

Having said that, I have a degree in journalism. No big deal. As far as I am concerned, a degree in journalism is nothing more than a sop to failed english and history majors.