Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Jessica, the 50s Are Over

Poor, poor Jessica McBucher, wife of mud-slinging and offensive human being, Paul Bucher. She just doesn't get it. She says this about a few posts that exposed her far right-wing leanings:

Apparently, some on the Left feel that it's inappropriate to expose the actual rhetoric and affiliations behind the "peace" groups behind the war referendums and Cindy Sheehan. They want to intimidate people into silence through their typical namecalling because they know that the average individual will reject the extremism if it's exposed. I simply reprinted what these groups have said and discussed who they admittedly are. But certain far-left bloggers think it's somehow "McCarthyism" to write about what these groups say and who they align with. These groups aren't embarrassed to be affiliated with Communists. They are quite vocal about it and proud of it! Keep trying guys. Like Paul says, it's the equivalent of getting lectured by inmates in the jail. So, thanks! (Oh, and the Lenin flag was for you.)
Ooh, that hurts. Last I heard, conservatives were crowing about the fall of Communism. It can't be that big of a threat anymore and also, last I knew, being a Communist in this country is not illegal.

In my original post, I simply pointed out that her information regarding these groups came from a former self-proclaimed Marxist who is now one of the worst of the mud-slinging right-wingers, David Horowitz. So, who to believe?

But I guess it's all right to sling mud, just not to receive it. Regarding your comment about inmates, Paulie boy should know, he's at their level.

By the way the nazi flag is for you … it suits your politics.

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