Thursday, January 19, 2006

You've Been Used

The sad fact is that those who have voted for Republicans because of the imaginary “culture war” have been used. The Republicans who go around with Jesus on their lips and little crosses on their lapels are by and large the least Christian among us…they’re the crooks, serial divorcers, philanderers, drug users, tax cheats, bigots, hypocrites, draft dodgers, bribe-takers, the Fred Phelps of the world.

Jimmy Carter was probably the most sincere Christian to occupy the White House in our lifetime. Look at the work he has done since leaving the presidency. What has George Sr. done…jump out of airplanes and shill for the Saudis. What has John Ashcroft done…piled up more than $265,000 being a lobbyist for the corporations that have benefited most from laws put in effect by the Patriot Act. What have Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff, Ralphie Reed, “Duke” Cunningham done other than line their pockets or the pockets of their K Street clients (and the Repugs in Wisconsin haven’t a thing to say about the corruption but worry their silly asses over $700 that a local casino kept…via Jeff Wagner…a fine way to use up the hot air waves). Pathetic.

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