Friday, January 20, 2006

No Apology for Wing Nuts

James Wigderson at Wigderson Library & Pub has taken it upon himself to demand an apology from Bill Christofferson. Fact is, Christofferson hit it right on the money when he demanded an apology from Charlie Sykes, right-wing squawker at 620 WTMJ, who was the author of an audio that equated Governor Jim Doyle with racists of old. All because Doyle opposes lifting the cap for school choice.

Charlie Sykes has never given a damn about African Americans. It’s all politics to him and this is, as Christofferson said, an easy way for Sykes to score cheap political points.

The hilarious thing about all of this is Wigderson. His questioning whether Doyle and Christofferson would even think about putting their kids in MPS is hilarious. Hmmm, wasn’t it just a couple weeks ago that Wigderson was gleefully advertising himself after his “scared little suburbanite” piece hit the net. Where do your kids go to school, James? Before you ask, mine go to West Allis public schools.

So, just cut it out. For you (along with Sykes) to say you have any sympathy for the plight of African Americans is disingenuous. Choice is all about reducing the tax load for wealthy whites and supplicating the Christian right wing…both whom Sykes panders to, as do you apparently.

Blow it out your ear. Christofferson owes no one an apology.

As for Jessica McBride and her silly free speech piece...She can’t even come up with an original name for her blog, so it’s not worth commenting other to say that she has way too much time on her hands…1,500 words, come on.

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James Wigderson said...

I came from the Milwaukee Public Schools. My children are currently being home-schooled. And you're right, there's no way in Hell I would subject my kids to an MPS "education".

As for Charlie Sykes not caring about African Americans, apparently he cares more about them than anyone on the other side of the debate that I've seen or met. Now that Doyle has signalled today he's willing to compromise and meet with the Republicans, it looks like his position wasn't all that principled, was it?

Face it. Your side is nothing more than a bunch of self-interested pathetic little babies with no interest in the public good than how to keep the public trough full.

Oh yeah, as long as I'm on a roll, Christofferson owes Doyle an apology for dragging his kids into the argument as some sort of symbol of the purity of Doyle's heart. At least he should apologize to the kids.