Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bullying Tactics

The wing nuts love to bully others. If they can't win an argument in the marketplace of ideas, or if it appears that citizens are wising up to their antics, then they resort to bullying and lies. A case in point:

D. Logan Darrow Clements (there's a mouthful), a former Republican candidate for governor in California has decided that he didn't like the eminent domain ruling handed down recently by the U.S. Supreme Court. The 5-4 ruling was split along party lines, with outgoing Justice Sanda Day O'Connor siding with the conservative wing.

All right, people are not always going to agree with Supreme Court rulings. But Clements, in a blatant act of self advertisement, has decided to go one step better by attempting to have Justice David Souter's home grabbed by the local town and turned into a money-making venture called the Lost Liberty Hotel.

Local authorities are certain the measure will lose in a landslide, some calling this act by Clements one of revenge. To this writer, Clements is just another pathetic example of wing nuts out of control. He's a bully. Let him have his day in the sun because that's what free speech is all about...then someone please yell "Fire" and have that small little man washed away.

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