Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wrong Again

Still smarting from her ouster at WTMJ for being a really bad on-air personality, Jessica McBride cannot resist comparing herself to Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter in an effort to lend some sort of weird legitimacy to her blogging efforts. She says this about recent comments by Coulter:

She was clearly making a satirical commentary on the double standard that exists when it comes to the media's reaction over perceived liberal and conservative "offensiveness." She was clearly pointing out that since Bill Maher received far less criticism than she did for his comments on Cheney, joking about assassinations by terrorists has apparently been declared fair game by the MSM (her implicit point, which the AP just proved, is that she could never get away with saying what Bill Maher and liberals get away with saying).

But the MSM either don't get it or choose not to get it, just like they chose not to get Rush Limbaugh's "Barack the Magic Negro" parody or why I asked Eugene Kane if it was a crisis and mocked him for not being willing to come on my show to answer tough questions (if I'd only played crickets instead of a chicken...). Mark Belling had it right when he said that the liberals and media go after conservative humor first because it's harder to defend and easier to misconstrue. They misconstrue it by reporting the humor without the humor or the underlying political/social point.

Leaving aside the fact she has a real problem if she cannot see the inherent racism in Limbaugh's inelegant spoof, and she really, really has a problem if she continues to think her final episode on radio had anything to do with serious journalism, McBride inadvertently (and humorously) makes the point for liberals about conservative humor. She's right: Conservative humor is harder to defend.

Answer: Perhaps it's because conservative humor that relies on making threats, relies on racism, relies on the death of a little 4-year old to score political points is just not funny.

As much as this pains me to write: McBride, you are no Limbaugh or Coulter. While both share the same egomania with you, they actually have talent, even if it is used for vile purposes.

3 Swings of the bat:

realdebate said...

Limbaugh's inelegant spoof, You are aware that Limbaugh's "spoof" was an almost direct quote from a LA Times columnist, calling Obama the magic negro?

A black columnist at that?

His point, whites likes Obama as he esuaged some kind of white guilt over whites treatment of blacks over the years?

My point is where is your condemnation of his column?


Speech only bothers you if it is coming from specific people with whom you have issue with.

This is exactly why idiocy like the fairness doctrine is folly.

You can not fairly selectively apply speech. That is the point McBride was trying to make which jumped over your head.

Anonymous said...

OS, where is your retort to the comment above? Have you nothing better than to bad mouth "realdebate" in other threads?

On MikeyP's blog, you said you are for free AND fair speech. What is your definition of "fair speech?"

Other Side said...

Rollie ... good of you to show up. Look at the post, Puff the Magic Commenter for my retort.

Real Debate needs to be kept in line. His moral smugness must be kept in plain sight.

No matter what you may think about public TV, conservatives always have the opportunity to go on and make their points. In fact, one might say that they are over-represented there as well. On conservative radio, however, liberals are not given the same opportunities ... IMO.

Back to bed for me ... not feeling well. Got up to take some ibuprofen and check the Brewer score.