Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh, the Injustice

I swear they get together and have posting parties. How droll.

Patrick McIlheran and Jessica McBride unite to provide more evidence they just don't get it. They take turns pounding the keyboard to provide statistical evidence that Mike Plaisted was wrong and there really is more violent crime in Milwaukee than in Oshkosh. Problem is, the piece that Mike Plaisted wrote about the "Guns of Oshkosh" had nothing to do with the amount of violence that occurs, but rather with the perception that conservatives are really interested only in all things "black people." Look at McBride's site and over 50% of the last 20 posts have to do with either African-Americans or Hispanics. I suspect some of her outrage is because so few live in the Town of Merton, her home residence. Heck, they get escorted out by gunpoint and with the help of a snarling dog just for fishing.

As for Paddy Mac, let me say this even more slowly so he can understand: Plaisted was making a point about the lack of coverage by conservative bloggers, he was not playing a numbers game.

2 Swings of the bat:

Anonymous said...

Don't be so surprised. When have either of them won a debate by arguing the merits of their issue. They cover up the fact that they are wrong by distortion and delusion.

realdebate said...

The point is the cases were not even close to similar.

A couple of gun nuts in the country fire some shots in the air harming no one...

A roving gang commits random violence and destruction of private property...

If you want to complain people do not cover this and that, perphaps you would have half a case if the items were similar.

If you spent a little less time looking for gotcha moments you might not seem so silly.