Friday, May 04, 2007

Thugs, Again?

I’m not defending Michael McGee’s comments regarding Charlie Sykes and the death of his mother. Her death was a tragedy and though I have a low regard for the man, he and his family did not deserve what McGee dished out and I do believe condolences should be offered to him and his family.

However, I could not help but continue to be bemused by local conservative bloggers. If they only spent half the time they do following the exploits of Eugene Kane and Michael McGee, there might indeed be world peace and everyone might just get along. Seriously though, the preoccupation shown does cause this blogger to wonder what else is on their agenda. This blogger does know what’s on the agenda of the person who wrote the following comment regarding the McGee flack:

that is the problem the people of that district ie the people who have supported that family all these years are most likely saying "Right on Mr McGee" "Isn't it great how mad he makes those white folks"I am willing to bet in the long run nothing will come from this just due to the fact the people of that district have such low standards when it comes to the people they choose to represent them

Keep fighting the good fight but I have a feeling your are trying to sweep back the ocean.

Shades of Jessica McBride’s “thugs” comment. Judging by the grammar used and the low regard he shows for the voters in the 6th District, Chris (of the former Spotted Horse 2) embraces standards similar to McGee’s and McBride’s.

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James Wigderson said...

That's funny Tim, because if you were listening to WMCS this afternoon you would've been depressed to hear the callers defending "Commander McGee."

There's always something more important than what we're doing at the moment. You would have us all pursue world peace or something. Maybe save a tree.

I would argue that there's nothing more important than the relationship between God and man. I obviously don't feel that should be the only focus of our energies or what we write about.

So maybe we can start with something smaller, like holding public figures accountable and demanding a certain level of decency.

Other Side said...

You prove my point. You've nothing better to do? If you are so gung ho about holding people accountable, perhaps some of your venom might be directed at talk (hate) radio hosts like Sykes, Limbaugh, etc. Fat chance of that happening.

But, you see, it's all in the eye of the beholder.

btw: Hugging a tree isn't so bad. Better than inhaling exhaust fumes ad nauseum.

James Wigderson said...

I'll start with the worst examples. You know, Al Franken, Air America, Bill Maher...

As for the tree thing, I think we passed an a state constitutional amendment last November banning that type of behavior.

Other Side said...

I said hate radio, not comedy. And regarding trees ... nah, you just can't marry one.

Anonymous said...

This post is just a bit hypocritical. Lately, your blog seems to be completely dedicated to bashing conservative pundits - particularly McBride and McIlheran. Your preoccupation causes this reader to wonder what else is on your agenda.

What McGee said was despicable. He deserves the criticism. It's funny, you took advantage of this situation to do exactly what you condemn.

Other Side said...

Funny, I thought I set the blog up to exclude cowardly anonymous comments. I'll have to double check that.

In response: Your comment is unimaginative and unoriginal.

Regarding McBride and McIlheran ... Yes, I have an agenda; it's exposing their idiocy. And the other agenda I was implying was the racism I perceive just below the surface of these continual attacks on minorities. Are you, perhaps, a supporter of that?

Much better than to the world, or lacking thatmerely a repeat of what I said. You can't come up with something origianl, why don't you just

Other Side said...

And now I've fixed the problem with anonymous posters. Thank you.

Dad29 said...

Wiggy's report that McGee had 'defenders' on WMCS is disappointing, to say the least.

Other Side said...

It is a sad commentary. I just think that vile language aside, it does little good to label an entire district as "thugs" or people of "low standards." Look to your own house (generic usage).

Hitler's party received 37% of the vote during one of the last democratic elections pre-WWII Germany held. I would not say the people who voted for him were thugs ... deluded and frightened, yes.

Who's to say that the residents of the 6th district just don't like outsiders, like white former DAs who really could care less about the fortunes of the district, interfering.

Kenneth Mobile said...

Funny, Wigderson forgot to mention the many callers who also criticized and condemned McGee for his despairing hateful remarks. It should also be pointed out that McGee, Unlike Charlie and the rest of the right-winged squawkers, let someone at least express their dissenting views on the air without being either hung up on and then ridiculed for the next 30 minutes, or shouted down or not let on the air at all. This is the MO for talk radio here in Milwaukee.