Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blog Summit 2007

I met Mike Mathias (Pundit Nation), James Wigderson (Wigderson Library and Pub) at the Starbucks on 16th and Wisconsin. James got his exercise in early by walking to the wrong Starbucks at 6th and Wisconsin, and then bravely hiking back up Wisconsin to our location. That he made it unscathed says something about goings on east of 124th Street.

Seriously, it was good to see Mike (only the second time in 19 some years) and James (first time in 19 some years). Mike, James and I were contemporaries at UWM. Mike and I wrote together for the UWM Post, while James was involved with the UWM Times, which I think is now defunct, not sure. Though tensions often were high between the opposing political camps at UWM, I’d like to think that Mike, James and I kept it a little more real than some of the others.

Anyway, we made our way to the event and following are some thoughts:

James made it walking up three flights of stairs to the event. Way to go!

I enjoyed meeting Owen Robinson (Boots and Sabers). Owen is a current West Bend resident, which happens to be where I grew up, went to high school, etc. I listened to Owen and was impressed by his speaking ability, and that though he is as partisan as they come, he came down squarely on the side of all bloggers, defending their rights to have a voice. However, his analysis of Eugene Kane was waaaay off. I liked Kane. The first time I ever met him, though I did not have an opportunity to talk with him. I liked him because he was unapologetic and spoke his mind. Apparently speaking ones mind is only relegated to conservative speech according to some conservatives.

I met Dave Casper (Ask Me Later) and Aaron Kreel (Subject To Change), two other conservative bloggers, and liked them immediately. I didn’t get much chance to speak with Dave, but our shared thoughts about Ms McBride are enough to acknowledge him as a kindred spirit, if not ideologically. Aaron is a nice guy. He showed me pictures of his newborn. Very cute kiddo. I wish him the best.

I also saw Phelony Jones (The Confidentials) from a distance. She looked, as she is wont to say, very sassy. Unfortunately for us (or wisely) she left the proceedings early.

I also had brief conversations with Patrick of Badger Blogger, Tom McMahon and Dean Mundy. All pretty decent people … for conservatives (just kidding, guys). I have to agree with Owen on this, I find myself liking a number of conservative bloggers (though I suspect if I had met Fred Dooley, my opinion of him would not change).

Oh, and Brian Fraley (Daily Takes) had nothing to say but tired clich├ęs. He is a wiener.

And Jessica McBride is as annoying in person as she is in print and/or on the radio. She attempted to make a point about blogger diversity by pointing out conservatives were bloggers and … could you believe it, conservative women. Now, this is true, but she followed that up by stressing it this way (paraphrasing) … “can you believe it, a conservative woman” (referring to herself and just herself). Mike Plaisted came over later and said he liked the t-shirts I had made for Ms McBride’s benefit. He then pointed out her silliness (kind way to say she’s an obnoxious b—tch). I agreed, and said I had almost raised my hand to ask her if it was always about her … but in the interest of decorum had decided not to.

Anyway, she’s a wiener, too.

I also was glad to meet the aforementioned Plaisted, Sean Hackbarth (American Mind) and Cory Liebman, whose blog I have admired. I also spoke at length with Bert, a contributor at folkbum. He was ten years a reporter. I didn’t ask where. I should have. And, I got to share a moment with Renee Crawford. I liked her.

All in all, it was a pretty good time and I have to admit, I agreed with Charlie Sykes (just a couple times.)

Lastly, where was dad29? I would really like to have met him. And where was my erstwhile buddy, Chris of Spotted Horse fame? Oh well, one can’t have everything all the time.

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Phelony Jones said...

Tim! Where were you sitting?

I kind of wasn't into it that day - all the energy bouncing around inside of me could have put me off the Richter scale's Annoyance Factor.

Dad29 said...

Lemmeesee, heah, ...

At 0845 take #8 kid to her rugby game. At 1000 make a business phone call. At 1030 return to rugby field, assess results (our guys won!! BIG!!)

At 1130 return to base, await further instructions.

At 1330 consult with #5 kid on consolidation of college loans; visit with #5 kid's boyfriend on best-practices for shooting raccoons and skunks in the backyard.

At 1445 take kid #7 to job.

All of that was conducted at a distance approximating 15 miles from the MU campus.

BUT--it would have been interesting, and probably enjoyable, to meet with you. IIRC, your Dad's buying the drinks.

Dad29 said...

BTW, insightful on Fraley.

Other Side said...

Dad29, the reasons you give for not attending are the best of all. Perhaps another time.

Other Side said...

Phel, I was sitting above you on the far right upper teir of seats next to Sean Hackbarth and Mike Mathias. I intended to say hello but before I could you had left.

FYI: I love the theme of your site. The second happiest time in my life (being currently married to an incredible woman and sharing children is by far first) was the three months I spent hitchhiling and driving through Switzerland, Germany and France. I almost drowned in the Med off Marseille, and dipped my feet in the Atlantic for the very first time off the coast of France (had to travel to Europe to do it).

I was visiting a Swiss girl whom I had dated in the States. Her family was kind enough to take me in as I wandered around.

Keep being sassy ... it's the best way to live.

Aaron said...

If you want to meet Chris, come to the BBA target shoot in May. :)

Phelony Jones said...

Thanks Tim!

Your story reminds me of one of my friend's stories. She's English and married a French man. They hitchhiked across north Africa in the early '70s. She and friends hitchhiked across the states. I am a bit envious to have missed out on being able to do that safely. I'm glad you enjoy the content and sorry to have missed you.

Billiam said...

One of these times, we're gonna meet. Sometimes, when I dome to Waukesha to visit me Mum, Dad and I get together. I'll e-mail the next time I'm coming down.