Monday, December 04, 2006

First Contact

Made unexpected contact today with the local Klingon blogger, Chris at spotted horse 2. That encounter caused me to pop in Star Trek: First Contact. I am such a Star Trek geek. I always get choked up when the Vulcan ship lands and James Cromwell (Zephran Cochran)makes first contact in the form of a handshake.

Will we ever meet another spacefaring race? The odds are not good, considering the distances to be covered. But you never know. There is already alien life in southeastern Wisconsin.

3 Swings of the bat:

James Wigderson said...

We need more to this story.

Dad29 said...

"Unexpected Contact?"

What's that? Emanations and penumbras?

Other Side said...

Nothing so spectacular. I was just scooting around at a few blogs and saw Chris had left a comment at Reform Dem, regarding the author's use of the word "chickenhawk."

This is how Chris and I original met, and tangled. As I have stated previously, I was in the wrong the initial time and tried to apologize ... didn't work. No sleep lost.

Anyway, that's all that happened. We exchanged a couple comments ... actually pretty civil.