Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Duped and Used

Saw the article first in the JS Online, then went to the humble folkbum to see if he had latched onto it. I then let it sink in a bit ... in the end, I decided (as others have also) two words apply to Owen at Boots and Sabers and Peter at Texas Hold'em Blogger, two of the loudest conservative bloggers.



This is what happens when someone untrained in journalism attempts to be a journalist. Guys, you are bloggers, not reporters. You don't need to apologize to anyone. I would offer, however, the proverbial towel to wipe the egg off your face.

5 Swings of the bat:

The Badgerland Conservative said...

I called Sen. Miller a liar. Clearly he wasn't. To me, that means he's owed an apology. So I'll apologize to him.

Other Side said...

I'll give you credit for apologizing in that regard. I would just add to not always take everything at face value and assume it is the truth, like the stuff you get from Michele Malkin.

Anonymous said...

This is beyond funny. Bloggers trying to be reporters? Heh. Bloggers trying to win at any cost maybe?


Anonymous said...

It's not like journalists haven't made the same mistake. A certain former anchor person comes to mind.

Other Side said...

True, Dean. However, in some regard, Rather's error in judgement was more egregious. But Owen sets himself up for this kind of stuff, and the fact remains that despite what he and others may think, they are not journalists.