Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I’ve known Mike Mathias for a number of years. Mike and his wife, Anne, have a very good blog titled Pundit Nation. Theirs is an insightful and often irreverent view of the world. They also have a regular segment about guns titled "Guns Protecting America." In their words: Guns Protecting America is an occasional feature of Pundit Nation highlighting how guns and the Second Amendment make all of us safer.

A recent post in this series caused that paragon of profundity, Chris at Spotted Horse 2 to respond. One wonders if Jessica McBride, on her high horse about lib bloggers and how nasty they can be, will direct the same measure of fire toward this goof. Here is his response:

ok guns are evil that gun loaded it self and told the deputy to ignore what ever saftey training he had been given and then told the deputy to shoot himself.

fools like you will never get it you never blame the person it is always the guns fault.

it must be hard to write post on guns when you have your head so far up your ass

are you going to ban the Mississippi River Mike since La Cross college kids keep getting drunk and falling into it. Makes about as much sense as what you are saying with this post

You are such an Fucking Ass you know that Mike.

Keep in mind that the post never mentioned Chris, wasn't directed at Chris, entirely ignored Chris. The response was truly unwarranted. However, unlike Ms. McBride, no one here is suggesting censorship of any kind. It's better that Chris be given all the space he needs to alert the world to his one-of-a-kind genius and Joyce-like stream of consciousness burping.

The blogosphere can be a tough place. You have to have a thick skin to survive. Mine wasn’t when I first started, but it soon became calloused and tough. The point is, if you are going to engage in blogging, look out. Someone is going to make fun of you, take offense and retaliate … it will happen.

Heck, I’ve had fun with McBride. I have a little series titled "Mindless Automaton" in which I place a picture of McBride into “This Modern World” cartoons (apologies to Tom Tomorrow) … obviously she plays the role of the previously mentioned automaton.

Truth be told, I think her commentary sophomoric and she leaves herself open to irony when she makes silly statements about others being less than civil, or less than utterly complimentary and adoring of anything she writes.

Fact is I don't want to see any form of censorship. I say let the goofs of the world have their day in the sun. That way we can see them better for what they really are. That's what the marketplace of ideas is all about.

And if you really don't like a comment someone has made, just delete it. You are god of your blog.

3 Swings of the bat:

Chris said...

Fuck you Tim Mike has never been civil to me so why should I be civil to him?

Go fuck yourself! you of all people should not be judging anyone you dick.

You have attacked and slimed more conservative bloggers, it is all you have done since you became a blogger so dont sit on your fucking high horse acting like you and Mike are some poor innocents here Dick

Your and Ass and Mike is an Ass there I just wrote your next post for you Dickhead

Dad29 said...


What's the problem with guns?

Anonymous said...

Chris seems a little tense...