Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Comments Not Working

My wife and I purchased software to block access to certain sites, ensuring that our children will not accidently roam there. After finishing the post "Convolusion," a comment was received from Chris, the center of the story. His reply was so vulgar and pornographic that the software will not let me access comments for that post to make a reply.

So, in reply ... his reply says it all.

Dad29: I have nothing against guns. But I am also not a fan of the NRA and their tactics. btw: My grandpa was a sharpshooter in WWI. He taught me how to shoot. Let's say I had a good teacher.

5 Swings of the bat:

Anne Quimby Mathias said...

That's why I'm not replying to him, Tim. There's nothing I can say that would make a stronger statement than his own comments and posts.

I'm also honestly scared of him now.

Thanks for your kind words.


Anonymous said...

Anne: Try not to be scared of a coward bully. He needs to go back on his meds.


Dad29 said...

So far we've learned that you have excellent forebears/lineage.

What the Hell happened to YOU?

Dad29 said...

BTW, AQM---Chris also LOOKS scary.

But I seriously doubt that he would lift a finger to harm someone.

And I really mean that. No sarcasm, no irony.

Other Side said...

I asked my dad that just the other day ... :)