Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Scamming for School Supplies

If you are in a hurry these days, don't visit Target, especially if you are wearing a red t-shirt. This week is "Frantic Housewives Looking for School Supplies from Pawed Over Stock Week."

I went looking for school supplies today (all right, I procrastinated). I was wearing my Wisconsin Badger t-shirt ... bright red. Five housewives stopped me and asked me questions. The first kind of baffled me. I tried to help at first, but it wasn't until she asked if I had one of those "scanner things" to check a price did I realize her error.

The next woman to ask me a question was staring blankly into an empty bin where glue stick had formerly resided. She asked if there were any. I looked inside, looked at her a bit askance, and said "No." Then she asked if any would be coming in soon. I apologized and said I didn't work for Target. She apologized also and said it was the shirt. Then I noticed that red also happened to be the color of the shirts customer service associates at Target wore. There were five within ten feet of us. Apparently I looked more helpful.

Though, I couldn't help but wonder why the big Badger on the front of my t-shirt didn't give my identity away.

Anyway, three others asked me for help. I was having fun and not being in a hurry I walked them around to different aisles, pointed out deals and made suggestions of other stores to visit.

Before leaving, I asked a real customer service person whether any glue sticks would be arriving soon. She didn't know.

4 Swings of the bat:

Troy Fullerton said...

Don't worry, Tim, I'm not going shopping until after work today...I'd go tomorrow--an hour before the kids have to be at school--but I have other things to do in the morning.

Hey, it works at Christmas, right?

BurdockBoy said...

Back to school shopping could get a whole lot more interesting for kids if stores start using these kind of carts. I can't believe our society has become this obsessed with plopping our kids in front of a TV.

Anonymous said...

Will you take me shopping on Labor Day?


Billiam said...

Pardon me, but, where is the grey Pupon?