Monday, August 28, 2006

Hey Hey ... The Kids are Okay

The little league team from Columbus, GA just finished off the Japanese club 2-1 in the finals of the Little League World Series. I watched most of the game. Damn, these kids are good.

Most impressed by the sportsmanship. The U.S. pitcher hit a Japanese batter near the end of the game. He went over to make sure he was all right. After the game, it was touching to see the shots of some of the Japanese kids in tears over their team's defeat, and to see the entire U.S. team go over to shake their rivals' hands.

1 Swings of the bat:

Julie said...

And, a child will lead them...

Too bad by the time they grow up, some adults will ruin them into thinking winning is everything and being unsportsman like is the way to go.

Then again, maybe, they'll stay the good, kind kids they are now.