Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Rummage Interlude

Spending the day attempting to sell off odds and ends in our driveway ... yes, it's rummage o'rama at the Rock residence. We laughingly told the 10-year old neighbor that we were attempting to earn enough money for the second floor addition. He looked at us in wonder and asked whether we could really do that. My reply was honest.

Unlike our conservative brethren who continue to say that TABOR, or whatever it was called or will be called, is the answer to Wisconsin taxpayer prayers.

Noticed that Frank Zeidler died. I met him once. He was gracious and kind. I wish I had known him better. We could use more politicians like this man. A man who believed in peace.

Having said that, and before returning to selling, only conservatives could turn something good into something that sounds unAmerican. For example, if you are for peace, suddenly you are a peacenik or traitor (what's wrong with peace?).

If you want to protect the environment, not only for our sake, but for the sake of future generations, you are an eco-nazi (what's wrong with breathing clean air and drinking clean water?).

If you utilize your rights as written in the Bill of Rights, especially the one calling for freedom of speech, you are branded as unAmerican and a traitor (what's wrong with voicing your opinion civilly?).

Anyway, back to rummaging.

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