Wednesday, July 05, 2006

North Korean Erectile Dysfunction

It was reported today that the North Koreans again attempted to prop up their failing regime with the launch of the Long Dong II, their version of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

This newer and cheekier version of the Long Dong I actually managed to pop up about 500 feet into the atmosphere before flopping limply into the Sea of Japan.

An advanced version, named Long Dong III, was rumored to be ready for pre-launch warm up, but at the last moment the experiment was cancelled because workers complained of headaches, flushed skin and vision problems.

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grumps said...

The Commander of the NK Air Force, Missile Defense and Bok Choi was caught last Friday at the Palm Beach airport with a 55 gallon drum of Viagra. The Viagra had been prescribed to Buster Hyman and was confiscated.

In a statement released Wednesday Kim said, "If it hadn't been for those pesky kids the Long Dong would have stayed up longer."