Friday, July 21, 2006

No More Intimidation

A little over a week ago, I had a short blog conversation with my erstwhile friend dad29. He was responding to my post titled “Payback,” in which I bemoaned the classless actions of conservative bloggers who published names and other personal information of their liberal foes and suggested that a little visit might be in order. To be succinct: Intimidation tactics.

Dad29 responded by stating that Jim McGuigan of Milwaukee Watchdog had once published dad’s personal information … apparently in response to a comment that he made. Knowing dad29 all too briefly, I’m guessing the comment was dark and poisonous (well, maybe not but the line sounded good). Nonetheless, I agreed that if this was indeed true (I see no reason to disbelieve dad29, he does not appear to be as thuggish as some of his mates) then McGuigan had crossed the line.

Dad29 then provided a link to an article that reported on some purported intimidation tactics by a gay group called KnowThyNeighbor in Massachusetts. Apparently, this group published the names and zip codes of people who had signed petitions for the right’s latest gimmick, a protection of marriage amendment. One person who signed was confronted and called a “bigot” while others reported being called “breeders.” Both sides of this issue are now engaging in discussions about “hate speech” and the townspeople are discussing how to live peacefully with each other.

The point is that emotions are running high. While it was not illegal for KnowThyNeighbor to publish the names and addresses (the petitions are public record), it is deplorable that people be confronted in such a disrespectful manner, though I think dad29 would be hard pressed to find this sort of intimidation tactic used by leftys.

In the end it is not acceptable for anyone to put anyone at risk, just because you don’t like what they have to say.

Don’t shoot, dad.

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xoff said...

I can't feel too much sympathy for Dad's exposure. I never saw it and still don't know who he is.

My name is on my blog and I am in the phone book.

Should I be afraid?

Other Side said...

Good point, Xoff. My name is on my blog, too, and I'm listed as well. Come on, Dad29, who are you?

Rick Esenberg, James Wigderson, Owen Robinson ... even Peter DiGaudio, have no qualms about posting their names.

Julie said...

I have no problem posting names, nor do I have a problem with KnowThyNeighbor posting the names of those who signed an anti-gay petition. There are consequences to your actions. If you set out to harm someone else, then someone might set out to harm you. It isn't the Christian thing to do, but lately you won't find many true Christian actions anyway.

Other Side said...

As I said previously, the names were all part of the public record, so the petition signers and dad29 really had nothing to squabble about.

Troy Fullerton said...

Interesting, other side, that you say you are listed, but yet a search on and a call to information do not have a Rock, Timothy in Brookfield...come on, 'Tim Rock", who are you?

Troy Fullerton said...

Oh, and why aren't you and dad29 friends anymore?

Other Side said...

Hmmm ... really? I'll have to ask Kelly. I thought for sure we were listed.

I just checked and you're right. Tell you what ... I found yours. Give me an e-mail address and I'll give you mine ... if you're that desperate for it.

Oh, where is that blog you've promised?

As far as daddio ... it was a joke. I guess the sarcasm was too much for you.

Troy Fullerton said...

No, no was actually sarcasm, but I guess it was too much for you?

Ever since reading your critique of Blue Collar Conservative's spelling errors on Wiggy's blog, I've tried to catch a grammatical error in your postings to point out, but I have yet to find one so this was the best I could come up with. As an erstwhile journalism student, I appreciate your attention to detail.

On another note, the blog is coming: I signed up last night on wordpress, but then it was getting late so I went to bed instead of making my first post. Also, I wasn't sure if I should just leave it as troyfullerton, or try to come up with some other clever blog name, e.g. the Xoff Files, Library and Pub, Other side of my mouth, etc.

What do you think? Any ideas for a first post?

Other Side said...

I guess we were both just a little overwhelmed by the dripping sarcasm.

When I first signed up with eblogger, I thought one had to provide a catchy name. Years ago I wrote a column for a student newspaper. Its title was the same as this blog (though it had a really cool caricature attached, something I miss and looked for, but was unable to find).

Anyway, regarding a name ... you can go either way. Have fun with it, because in the end, blogging should be enjoyable to you.

First post: Hmmm. Maybe that a lib was helpful to you.

Let me know when you are up and running. I'll add your link.