Monday, July 17, 2006

Baby News

This from my lovely wife, the beautiful Ms. Kelly ...

We had a baby appointment on Friday and listened to the baby's heart beat. It definitely sounded like a galloping horse! Is that a sign of things to come? Still a fast heart beat at over 150. All else is fine. I'm a lot less tired, not sick at all, and not big yet, though my waistline is definitely gone.

I now think we're having a girl. Tim (just to argue with me) says it's a boy. We will make the appointment soon to find out. It'll be part of the genetic testing done in August. We still have to decide just how many tests we want done. We continue to weigh the risks of the tests against the value of the information they could provide.

Ian and Abby are having a great summer. My friend Draga took us out on their new pontoon boat last weekend. Even the new baby, Elijah, came with us and husband Steve, with his broken leg (don't ask!). Eli is 2 months old now and a very good baby. We had a lot of fun. I thought Ian might never come back on board the boat once he got in the water. Draga even let him drive - he was thrilled!

Ian had 4 weeks of individual cello lessons this summer. It was with a different instructor than during the school year and he really liked him. And he's now taking 4 weeks of a summer math class. Apparently (from Tim's account), his math teach is "very cute". That should help keep him motivated. And he never tires of playing with Evan across the street. They are best buddies.

Abby and I were out shopping yesterday and she picked out her first toy for the baby. She was very excited! She's been playing with Rayan (the little boy next door) and Alex (Evan's sister) all summer. If she doesn't play with a friend during the day, she gets very sad. She loves using Rayan's scooter and bike with training wheels (maybe it's time we get her one of those?!?!). Alex slept over for the first time this weekend. They played make-up and watched movies and giggled and giggled and giggled... I didn't even know what they were giggling about and I started giggling!

The addition will start soon. The contract is signed, the loan is closed and the building permit will be ready next week (if we actually are able to make the final decision about tile or fiberglass for the shower!). So many decisions yet to be made and so many choices yet to be seen.

Tim continues to do most of the work around here. He doesn't let me climb on ladders or stools or lift heavy things. Although he does like it when I cook occasionally. He's busy today with the photo show from Larchfest and the 50th birthday bash. It's going to turn out great!

The dogs... somehow we have to get Max settled down before the baby comes. Even though I'm not big yet, I have a hard time controlling both of them by myself when we meet another dog on our walks. Tim and I have been doing a lot more dog walking together. I wonder how it will work when we add a stroller (and baby!) to the mix.

I still can't believe we're going to have a baby this winter. And I can't believe my little sister is probably going to get married before the baby gets here. That and the addition seem like a lot to have happen in the next 6 months!

Oh, and the latest girl name is 'Megan'. 'Connor' has come up most recent as a boy's name. We're still taking ideas.

Hope all is well with you and yours. Please pass along our hellos and hugs to your families.

Kelly, Tim, Ian, Abby, Molly, Max and Baby Rock

Note to Jessica McBride: Rayan's parents are Muslim. I guess you wouldn't let your kids play with them, would you.

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