Monday, April 17, 2006

Just Around the Carricks Bend

Oh goody. Another conservative blogger in need of a timeout. This person's blog is titled "Carrick Bend Thoughts," and there is a post concerning a couple that I wrote. This post shows so little in the way of neat argument that I just have to provide a link for my dear readers ... for a laugh.

First off, the post is titled: "this-is-what-amazes-me-most-about-republicans." Hmmm, no I'm not. Such a silly person.

Anyway, the first post my new friend comments on was written in response to the many "communist Waukesha" posts that some of my conservative blogger brethren put up regarding the election of Dem. Larry Nelson as mayor of Waukesha. My new friend chastises me for using a picture of an entrance to Terezin that has the words "Arbeit Macht Frei" on the archway. This picture was used, my new friend postulates, in complete disregard of the people who suffered there.

Well no. My knowledge of WWII is likely far superior to my new friend's. Additionally, my new friend ignores the fact that communism was (has been?) responsible for just a few million deaths, in similar fashion to the German Reich, so I've been told. In fact, gulags were fashioned in a manner similar to Nazi concentration camps. But I saw the humor intended in the posts of my conservative brethren regarding the disheartening election of Nelson (for them), and James W. and others saw the humor I intended. My new friend is unable to consider that. It's so sad.

And then my new friend thinks I mock Bush's (fake?) concern for children blown up by IEDs. That my new friend is unable to discern the idiocy of Bush's comment is plainly sad (the comment itself was taken from Garry Trudeau's site). That I mock Bush is true. He is responsible for the deaths of thousands, his crocodile tears impress me not one whit.

So, my new friend, post away, and have a good day. You've made mine.

3 Swings of the bat:

James Wigderson said...

One, everybody living in Brookfield is a Republican. Building a Sendiks and a couple of coffee shops doesn't change that.

Two, I have to correct you on the chicken and egg of concentration camps. The Communists resorted to them first, and were the models for Germany.

Other Side said...

I'm not sure where the Republican part of your comment comes from, James ... but thanks for the correction on concentration camps. Though I think the gas chambers and crematoria were very German inventions.

James Wigderson said...

True, the Soviets just shot 'em or starved them to death or buried them alive or just tortured them to death.

Interesting trivia: part of the reason for the popularity of the gulag system with the Soviet hierarchy was the belief they could run the camps efficiently enough to make them pay for themselves and then some.

The first part about Brookfield was me trying to be funny about David accusing you of being a Republican.

Don't make a joke about the Pewaukee police department 'cause that's when he gets really mad.