Thursday, February 09, 2006

Say No to Saying No

I don't like to step into the abortion debate because, truthfully, it's not a debate any person will win. There have been attempts at some sort of discourse between foes, none have been successful as far as I know. I'm pro-choice, but would like abortions kept to a minimum and the best way to do that is through eductation. Please don't comment...I will not involve myself in debate on this and will remove any comments offered. If that comes across to you as censorship, so be it. It's my site and I can do what I want.

However, the reason I mention that is because of the following issue, which is on the fringe of the abortion debate. If interested, all are invited to comment on this. Sanctions against Neil Noesen, a pharmacist who refused to dispense bith control pills because he said he would be commiting a sin if he did, were upheld by Barron County Circuit Judge James Babler. Click here to read the article in the Capital Times.

Hurray for some common sense. Look, everyone is entitled to their opinion, their right to believe or not, one is entitled to accept employment at a position that requires dispensation of services, and then say that because of your religious belief, you cannot follow your job duties. It's like you were a fireman and refused to take part in dousing the flames at a building owned by homosexuals because your faith believes that homosexuality is a sin.

It's no different with Noesen's chosen profession. The sanctions that they placed on him were fair, though I still believe it would just be best for him (and any other poor soul that might enounter him over the counter) to find other work. Perhaps he could become a missionary. I hear they need some some prayers in Washington, D.C. at RNC headquarters.

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