Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Intolerance...Just on the Left?

A rather uncouth and vulgar blogger with whom I recently had a conversation, bleated on his site a couple of days ago about the lack of tolerance by the left. He included a comment about his fascination with the anal orifice. How tolerant, I thought sarcastically...and weird.

It got me to thinking, though. Intolerance on the left...what a strange thing to say. Left or right, it seems to me that intolerance is the same for both. For example, I'm guessing that both liberals and conservatives are intolerant of bigots.

Could it be said that both the left and right are intolerant of homophobes? Obviously my former communication buddy is not a homophobe. He even said he's for gay marriage. There's one.

Hmmm...I'll bet neither side is very tolerant of racists. I know that the left for years has smeared the right with that term. Some of the time it was deserving. And face it, conservatives were on the wrong side of civil rights for quite a while. But to say that there have not been conservatives who believed passionately in equality for all would be a lie.

I'm intolerant of whiners. There's been a lot of that coming from the conservative camp lately. But to be fair, the left has its share. A tie.

How about liars? I know both sides can't stand liars...especially lying politicians. It's hard to trust politicians anymore...plenty of examples on both sides of the fence.

'Nuff said for now.

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