Thursday, January 26, 2006

Silly Wing Nut

Jeff Wagner continues to amuse me. Just the other day he was discussing "hate crimes" on his 620 WTMJ call-in radio show. Wagner's point of view was there was no need for hate crime legislation because the law was sufficient. I'm not going to debate whether that is true or not. What was an issue for me was his continued use in examples of Republicans as targets. Some samples were (these are just the gist of what he said, not exact words): "What if the person being attacked was a Republican. " Or, "What if it was a Republican who was lynched." Or, "What if it was a Republican who was chained to the back of the car, called all sorts of vile names like "wingnut" and "neocon" and then was dragged to his death.

Let's see...I have read that the law is aimed at violence perpetrated against specifically targeted people, not a constitutionally protected action such as speech. Targeted people might include African Americans. Hmmm, there's been a history of violence there. How about gay people. You may not like how they dress, how they talk or how they walk...that's your right. But, yeah, they've been targeted for some pretty malicious stuff.

But Republicans? Come on, Jeff. Stop playing the poor me card. All you do is make a fool of yourself, gosh durn it.

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