Saturday, February 02, 2008

Add Todd Zeile's Name to Legends

I had this printed back in 2006 in Legends of the Game, a Strato-Sphere publication. I remembered it today because of the mention of Daryl Boston's name in an article I was reading. So, here is the reprint. This actually happened.

This happened quite a few years ago, I would guess about 1991.

Todd Zeile was on the opposite team versus my Pittsburgh Pirates. He single-handedly destroyed my club by hitting four homeruns. Four homeruns is special, but what made this feat even more spectacular is that Zeile hit for the homerun cycle – solo shot, two-run shot, three-run shot, grand slam. Additionally, Darryl Boston hit a homerun off a lefty in that game. For those who remember the left-handed hitting Boston, that in itself was quite a feat.

I've played thousands of games since, none have matched that one.

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Michael said...

I'm completely confused. What happened here? Also, where the hell is my link!

Other Side said...

I'm sorry, Michael. Your link was one I was trying to remember when I revamped the site. Of course I will add it.

I got tired of the same old, same old nastiness ... some of which I was responsible. So, I decided to switch to my favorite pastime and hobby, baseball. Plus, as newsletter editor for one of my fantasy leagues, this is a fun vehicle for commenting about baseball, the leagues and other stuff ... for myself and the members.

Michael said...

You don't have to add it, man.

I'm glad you switched to something you love.

Good for you!