Sunday, January 06, 2008

December BRASS


The Plainsfield Hitmen and the Diamond Gems are running away with their respective divisions and about the only left for those two teams is to determine which team will have home field advantage through the playoffs.

Kevin Kolb's Hitmen are running hot on all cylinders. Matt Holliday is having a terrific MVP-type season. He's only crushing the ball at a .361 clip, has 74 extra base hits and is among the league leaders in runs scored and RBIs.

Meanwhile, the Gems of Vaughn Nuest are led by their spindly left fielder, Alfonso Soriano. Soriano has not only stolen 47 bases, but leads the Gold League with 39 homers and 110 RBIs. Josh Johnson paces their staff with a 17-1 mark.

The Steel Division still has a race with the New York Giants (59-53) but one game ahead of the Green Bay Yoopers. New York is led by Miquel Cabrera (.381 BA), while Green Bay's fourth-rated pitching staff is keeping it in the race.

The wild card contestants are still up in the air with six teams still very much in the picture. Next month we'll provide a closer look at the their chances.


Each of the three Silver League divisional races are pretty much sewed up. It appear that Daniel Valois' Montreal Sunsets are cruising to another Iron Division title. Their 76-36 mark puts them 17 games ahead of Southtown. Montreal is once again being led by Travis Hafner whose 117 RBIs lead BRASS.

The Zinc division, home of the last two BRASS champions looks to have a new champ this year. Both Cream City (last year's BRASS champion) and Buckeye (previous year BRASS champ) have fallen on hard times. The East Lyme Crush of Dave Berks appear to be in the driver's seat with their 73-39 mark and 23 game lead over second place Buckeye. Carlos Beltran and Nick Markakis have proven to be a dynamic duo leading the Crush offense.

Mike Swanson's Duluth-Superior squad is on track to win its second consecutive title with a 73-39 record and 14 game lead over the Phoenix Phoenix. Albert Pujols (103 RBIs), Justin Morneau (93 RBIs) and Alex Rodriguez have been a formidable 1-2-3 punch.

Five teams are still in the hunt for the wild card. Their final month;s chances will be covered next month.

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