Saturday, November 24, 2007

Keep Your Eyes on the Road, Please

The always humorous dad29 threw himself into the fracas about the Coexist bumper sticker over at Professor John McAdam's blogsite (if ever there were an argument against tenure, McAdams would be exhibit #1). Anyway, here is the text of dad29's comment:

The syncretism expressed by the original "coexist" sticker is offensive to anyone who values that which is true.

It was also smug and condescending--as though those who speak out about the deficiencies of Islam are somehow bellicose, or impolite.

Sorry, Seth, that's wrong. Just as you correct your children when they are wrong, (I think you do, anyway) someone has to correct the Mohammedans.

Benedict XVI has taken an initiative in that regard. So have Sykes and Limbaugh (and countless others), each in their own way.

The IFC's "offense" is spurious.

Further, I seriously doubt that Abp. Dolan formally concurs with ANY letter that espouses religious syncretism. Board member or no, that is not his position.

Dad's got his undies in a bundle I think and it must be uncomfortable. Until Tom McMahon came out with his revision of the bumper sticker, I really doubt daddio gave it more than two seconds of his ponderous thought, though I suppose it's possible. But if so, there are a few traffic accidents I'd like re-investigated.

Anyway, I've seen the bumper sticker, too. I spent less time looking at the symbols (I had other things on my mind, like minding the road) and more thinking the thought expressed was kind of cool. I mean, who wants to be perpetually offended anway?

Now truly, I could not infer any impolite references to dad's or other conservatives' thoughts regarding Islam. The message of the bumper sticker was simply one of hope that we (all of us) might find a better way to live together, and used a few symbols as examples because they matched the letters needed to spell out Coexist.

I suppose, for those of you who actually like being perpetually offended, this might be difficult to ignore. But the bumper sticker message was smug and condescending ... nah, one has bigger issues if that's what one really thinks. One of which is the idea that you, daddio, have somehow cornered the market on what is true. History is full of those making that assumption. They were all brought back down to earth eventually, usually by a coalition of forces.

11 Swings of the bat:

Tom McMahon said...

I think for my next trick I'll spell out "syncretism" with religious and political symbols. ;-)

Other Side said...

Are there that many symbols?

Hope you had a good holiday.

capper said...

I wonder if Dad thinks that the Jews were insulted by the original bumper sticker. Maybe that is why they bought the original design and have it housed in a museum in Jerusalem.

Other Side said...

I saw the post earlier. Pretty funny, really.

capper said...

Just trying to make sure Dad sees it.

Dad29 said...

Actually, I've seen the original sticker a number of times, and I thought that it was a shallow display of "Kumbaya" sentiment. There's no real thought there--just some vague "can't we all get along" silliness.

You can draw your own conclusions about the folks who mess up their bumpers with it.

But when McMahon adjusted it to expose its vast deficiencies and a bunch of weenies make an issue of it, the game changed.

The Perpetually Offended class (the Left) simply reverted to their norm and gave a lot of folks the opportunity to call them on it.

Shallow, and stupid, too.

capper said...

Shallow, and stupid, too

Dad, are you referring to the left who want peace, the Israelites that bought and display the original artwork, or the Right, who oppose peace and the concept of peace.

Really now Dad, go see the doctor for your myopia.

Other Side said...

Kind of lost your cool, eh daddio?

You see daddio, I don't believe you. I just think it was another oppotunity for your nastiness to show through, and allow you to be insulting.


Dad29 said...

Practice, practice, practice.

Other Side said...

Well, that broke the heaviness spell.

I do hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving, despite our disagreements, daddio. I did not get to see my father, but managed to get in some senior citizen time with my wife's family. You'd like her father: banker and conservative. Helluva a nice guy, though.

Dad29 said...

Same to you--and hope your children will enjoy Christmas, as much as you will enjoy watching them on that day.

Given my occupation, it's entirely possible that I've already spoken with your F-I-L.

AND, by the way, I was in the bank racket back in the late '60's--worked for the Democrat bank here in Milwaukee. (Yes, there was one, and your F-I-L probably knows which one it was.)