Friday, November 09, 2007

I Object

Thanks to John Foust and here is a link to the offending comments by Peter DiGaudio that were referenced below in the post titled: McIlheran Likes it Caustic and Pungent.

The title of Peter's post was innocent enough: Texas Pizza Chain Accepting Pesos. Here's the text of the post.

This is wrong on so many levels.

Pizza lovers who don’t happen to have American currency on them can still purchase their favorite pies with Mexican pesos, thanks to a Texas-based restaurant chain.

Starting this week, Pizza Patrón outlets, which caters heavily to Mexicans, will offer the alternative form of payment.

“We’re trying to reach out to our core customer,” Antonio Swad, president of Pizza Patrón Inc., told the Dallas Morning News.

“We know they come back [from Mexico] and have pesos left over. We want to be a convenient place for them to spend their pesos.”

It’s believed no other food chain operating so far from the Mexican border is allowing customers to pay with foreign currency.

You’re in the United States. Embrace our culture. Learn our language. Use our money.

Or go back home.
Pretty standard nonsense from the charitably-challenged. Just commenting now on this subject I could provide a couple of reasons for this being a good thing. One, it's good business. And two, other places in the United States have been accepting international currencies for years ... and the dollar is accepted internationally.

But you see, it's not really a question of what constitutes good business practices, or a question of whether we want to be a good, international buddy. Nope, in the comment section we find out what it's really about. This is where Peter hits his stride.

I am sick of them shoving their fucking culture and theire fucking language down my throat.

I stood in Wal Mart yesterday and listen to a bunch of chattering chihuahuas speaking Mexican until I sick of listening to it and finally said, “You’re in America. Speak English or go back to wherever you came from” and walked away.

Either adopt our culture or language or get the fuck out of the U.S. My grandparents were immigrants and guess what? English was learned in their homes. It was the only acceptable language.
This is who McIlheran links to approvingly. Why does the Journal Sentinel employ this guy? He's not even a real journalist. Hell, I'd feel better (well, just a real, teeny weeny bit - microscopic really) if Jessica McBride were writing the columns.

His posts and columns are poorly researched, using either ultra right-wing conservative think tanks as his sources, or questionable news organizations like the Washington Times, which is run by Sun Myung Moon. Yep, that Moonies guy and humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent.

I don't have a problem with conservative columnists being employed by the local paper to provide views. That's as it should be. But the Journal Sentinel must be able to do better.

18 Swings of the bat:

Michael said...

You WANT Patrick.

Just like I want Eugene.

You need people to give you something to rail against!

Other Side said...

I suppose that is true, Elliot.

Dad29 said...

You're becoming obsessive/compulsive with your Need to Censor.

For XX years, the JS has printed the droolings of E. Kane. Now and then I read his stuff--about twice/year.

I've never presumed to tell the JS that he should be fired, nor even bothered to check his credentials.

Get over it. McIlheran is a brilliant writer who actually DOES do research. You just don't like what his research proves.

By the way, your personal morality crusade re: Gaudio is entertaining. It's kind of fun to have you preaching, given that you are not inclined to that "churchy" stuff.

Other Side said...

Typical conservative ... write anything critical and immediately it's censorship. You really need to come up with a new schtick.

FYI: I subscribe to the Journal Sentinel ... I have a right to voice my opinions about its choices ... you and your kind do it all the time with your cries of "liberal bias."

The only thing DiGaudio writes that's entertaining (telling though that you like his Nazi and Stalin references) is when he's whining about his lot in life.

He needs serious help, but he's not going to get it from enablers like you, daddio.

Er, regarding McIlheran, we'll have to agree to disagree. His style is gooey and thick, and I've already written of his lack of intelligent and reputable sources. Get over it yourself.

James Wigderson said...

I would just like to say that if you find yourself with foreign currency and you want to buy a Wigderson Library & Pub coffee mug,
I take anything. Pesos, Rubles, Marks, whatever.

Other Side said...

How about tribbles.

Billiam said...

Just don't feed the Tribbles, or they'll lose their value! Remeber what happened on Station K-7...

Other Side said...

I think it's called inflation. We're having a b-day party for Abby and Packer party tomorrow. If you have time to stop in, please do so. Otherwise ... next time!

Display Name said...

Peter's chihuahua is foaming about the lips.

You're all stalkers! Stalkers, I tell you! Why are you following me from blog to blog?

"Two-bit, phony baloney, plastic banana, good old time rock-and-rollers"? Can anyone tell me what that means? I quote from the middle of his rant where he simultaneously praises and decries of the loss of civilization due to childish name-calling.

Maybe I should start one of those Scott Jensen-ish "137 days" countdowns to wait for Owen to prove his claim that I'm a sock-puppet. You'd think it would be a slam-dunk. I suspect, like Peter's stalking claim, that it's just a "feeling" and has no basis in reality.

Other Side said...

Yes, I saw that, John. What I found amusing was that Peter was being just a bit disengenuous. He made it seem as though the objections had to do with his stand on illegal immigration ... rather than his racist blather documented in this post.

And, again ... he (and conservatives in general) equate criticism to attempts at censorship. I have every right to expect my newspaper to employ balanced and thoughtful individuals ... my calls for a revisiting of McIlheran's employment is a right I have.

They really are a thin-skinned bunch.

Dad29, surprisingly in my mind, has also engaged in that type of martyrdom behavior (must be his ultra-conservative Catholic side). However, despite how rude he has gfotten in his comments, notice he (and others) are allowed unmoderated entry to this site to comment as they choose. Unlike conservative blogs who exercise censorship as a badge of honor.

Note too, I continue to respect dad29's request for anonymity, despite his foul humor. Does anyone honestly think a conservative blog (well, there are exceptions) would respect that, especially regarding their propensity for advertsing the personal information of people they don't like?

Other Side said...

Oh, and McBride hads written a post condemning this attempt by "a liberal" to take McIlheran's job away ... and calls DiGaudio's piece cutting satire.

Hmmm ... seems she still has the memory of her abrupt dismissal in mind. She still blames others for her faux pas.

She can be forgiven the other opart because DiGaudio didn't highlight his racist crap. Though, she may think that cutting satire, too. Wouldn't surprise me.
t publish

Display Name said...

I don't know where to begin when it comes to psychoanalyzing P-Dig's screed. It wavers, it flip-flops, it affirms and then contradicts all five voices he hears in his head. I don't want to get all "things I learned in kindergarten" on him, but man alive, when exactly did civility go out of fashion? And McBride runs right along after him, like a puppy. Lots of unnamed suspects, lots of exaggeration.

capper said...

Whallah!, my little take on McBride's selective outrage. She's not just sore at being fired, she just doesn't like a taste of her own medicine.

JesusIsJustAlrightWithMe said...

""Two-bit, phony baloney, plastic banana, good old time rock-and-rollers"? Can anyone tell me what that means? I quote from the middle of his rant where he simultaneously praises and decries of the loss of civilization due to childish name-calling."

That was my favorite part too. The guy that brought us "Hildabeast" condemns "childish name-calling." What a douchebottle.

James Wigderson said...

Will you give credit to Jessica now that she's seen the exact quote referred to, and condemned it?

Other Side said...

I will give her credit for finally condemning Peter's quote, though it would have been more sincere if she had left it at.

I can't help but wonder why more conservatives don't condemn the quote and the other vulgar things he has said. Rather, they sit back and snicker.

But then, as I said at McIlheran's blog, it's sad that such vulgar terms have been thrown at him as well. It's a very uncivil world we live in.

James Wigderson said...

She was using the Bullock privilege. :)

Other Side said...

Big LOL.