Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mark Belling v Margaret Farrow

Jessica McBride tantalizes us with this five word reportage of a Mark Belling and Margaret Farrow debate. She says, "Who do you think won?" Such in-depth reporting.

Somewhat surprisingly, dad29, a decidely right-wing kind of guy (btw: I thought McBride said anyone not using their own name was gutless and she wouldn't allow their posts), steps in and says this about Belling:

"It is not unusual for Belling to make asinine and uninformed statements to keep interest/ratings in his show. If it's a 'sliming contest,' Belling wins. Not the first time."

In retrospect, daddio's response doesn't really surprise me. I will say this, he is a straight shooter. McBride's response is not a surprise either, alas:

"I don't agree with your description of Belling at all. I think he calls it like he sees it and acts from principle not partisan allegiance."

I wonder what sort of principles Belling employs when hanging out at Victors and ogling the young girls, many who are of an age to be his daughter, if he had managed to have any. Thankfully, he has not reproduced.

However, saying Belling is not a partisan hack is precious. In the world of McBride, down really is up.

UPDATE: After the fact, McBride adds this. Apparently she reads other blogs.

(My take? Belling won hands-down. Arguing for the legal defense of racial preferences isn't an easy sell.)

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Phelony Jones said...

re: Belling.

I have to go borrow Patrick's green screen cleaner.


Dad29 said...

Jessica and I have met a couple of times--so I'm not "anonymous" to her, strictly speaking.

And your remark about Belling's non-reproduction does not elevate the conversation...

But it's perfectly clear that he views the AG's job as "prosecute, prosecute..." (preferably lefties.)

1) That's not the entire job description; and 2) first you have to have a friggin' CASE--only then does one prosecute.

For an AG, credibility counts (look at what happened to Peg Lift-Und-Schlepp-Em, who prosecuted all the right folks in her cockeyed opinion, but lost the PRIMARY..)

So when VanH brings a case it will be damn near airtight and based on actual understanding of the applicable laws.

Other Side said...

Phel: I have one of those too ... and it's used most often the next day after I've read what I wrote the previous day.

And I agree with you on two aspects, dad:

1) AG job description and,
2) Peg Lift-Und-Schlepp-Em does not contribute to elevation either.

Anonymous said...

You act like ogling girls is a bad thing!

Other Side said...

Well, I left out the drooling part and whatever else he might be doing ... oh, let's not go there.