Monday, July 23, 2007

Draft a College Republican

Saw this at both jef4wi and This Modern World. I liked it so I reproduce it here for the two or three that look at this blog infrequently. Listen to the Tom DeLay part especially. The man is an absolute putz.

2 Swings of the bat:

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of dweebs, especially that T-shirt wearing goon who is a "Officially Not Gay" dude. I laughed hard at that one. His take off on Leno's Jay-Walking, or Hannity's bit where he asks people stuff on the street was well done, even the "interpretive dance" bit was funny.

He ruined it for me at the end when he wouldn't leave when asked repeatedly, so he got pushed out. His "Is this how Republicans handle their problems? With violence?" is garbage straight out of some protestor playbook. I applaud the young man who pushed him out for exercising due restraint.

Of course, my response to young Max's question would have been: "This, violence? Son, you don't know what violence is."

Other Side said...

Better would have been: "Are you feeling lucky?"