Thursday, January 11, 2007

No Room for Hate

This is so wrong and F. James Sensenbrenner is partially to blame. Rather than come up with a legitimate plan to deal with the problem of illegal immigration, Sensenbrenner and his racist cohorts instead fueled the fires of bigotry for votes and now it’s getting out of control. A Texas pizzeria decides to accept pesos because 60% of its clientele is Mexican and suddenly they're hit with death threats.

The problem is national. Just the other day, here in Wisconsin, one local blogger referred to Mexicans as “chattering Chihuahuas” and said he told them off at a local Wal-Mart because they were not speaking English. This same blogger says he is not anti-immigration, but is anti-illegal immigration. Yet, he insulted a group of people without determining whether they were here legally or not (not that insulting anyone is okay).

Fortunately, not all conservatives react this way. James Wigderson, author of the blog Wigderson Library and Pub, rightly sees this as a problem and has no qualms exposing this behavior.

Let’s hope others everywhere have the same cojones.

4 Swings of the bat:

Dad29 said...


Please name "Sensenbrenner's RACIST cohorts."

Demonstrate exactly how they were Sensenbrenner's "cohorts."

Other Side said...

Half the conservative blogosphere (example noted above)and all who have agreed with the large one.

If you want I'll scan the Internet for his cohorts ... probably include the people who issued the desath threats to the pizzaria.

Dad29 said...

Now let's get around to the definition of the term "cohort."

The conventional one is: 1) A group or band of people.
2) A companion or associate.

Are you trying to tell us that Sensen is 'a companion or associate' of those folks? Or that he's "part of a band" of people?

Sensen is a MC--not a blogger. Thus, his "cohort" exists in Congress, albeit that there is a wider circle which could be included--conservative pols, or the Right's intellectualoids who regularly contact Sensen.

You're still a ways from proving your statement.

Other Side said...

Oh cut it out. I don't like Sensenbrenner ... I will admit it. Your cute little names and the other innuendos you toss at Hillary Clinton are in the same league. Sometimes, dad, you should get off your high horse.

Anyone who agrees with Sensenbrenner's ideas about illegal immigration, and have consequently used those ideas to further a racist agenda are cohorts.