Monday, October 30, 2006

Guns People Play III

It's my parking spot, and I'll defend my right to park there.

An argument over a handicapped parking space at the Little River Casino Resort resulted in one man going to jail Saturday, according to a report from the Manistee Sheriff’s Department. Deputies said one subject pulled a semiautomatic handgun after another individual tried to park in the same handicapped parking space in the casino parking lot and the two got into an argument.

The suspect is charged with felonious assault and was lodged in Manistee County Jail on a bond of $50,000, 10 percent.

Glenn Zaring, public information director for the LRBOI, said his officers were part of an ongoing investigation of the incident. Little River Band of Ottawa Indians Tribal Police turned the case over to the Manistee County Sheriff’s Office, “We are pleased to be able to work with local law enforcement to keep patrons of the casino safe,” Zaring said.

You know, I've yet to see a story where having a gun resulted in successful self-defense. Oh yeah, it's the MAD principle of individual safety. Mutaul Assured Destruction is supposed to stop those bad guys right in there tracks. How come it doesn't work?

7 Swings of the bat:

Anonymous said...

Musta been one hell of a spot.

Gosh, I wish we could carry concealed weapons in Wisco.


Dad29 said...

There are about 10 stories/month which show successful armed self-defense published in the NRA's magazine.

But your reading list is

Just thank your lucky stars that I don't have a Handicapped Parking permit.

Other Side said...

The NRA magazine is just propaganda. I have read a few issues and found no redeeming value.

I have respect for handicapped parking spots, no respect for anyone who would use threats regarding them.

James Wigderson said...

It would seem to me the problem is handicap parking spots. If we outlawed handicap parking spots, the guy would not have felt the need to defend his with a gun.

Other Side said...

That is certainly another way to look at it ... how about those "pregnant woman" spots at some places?

Anonymous said...

And the "senior parking" spots at Shopko in Delavan REALLY make me mad...

That's it. I'm packin'.


James Wigderson said...

Not allowing pregnant women to carry guns is certainly a sensible solution given the hormonal changes, but unfortunately the feminists would never let us get away with it.