Friday, August 04, 2006

Slow Friday ... No Clint

Another fine day in Brookfield. Went golfing today ... the first time all summer. I have been healing ligaments in both elbows (golfer's elbow the doctor said) for 10 months now. Went out yesterday to the driving range and today for nine holes at Currie. Didn't do too poorly ... a little erratic but birdied number 9 to finish with a first time out 46.

On another note ... saw that the prices for nine and 18 haven't changed much. Mentioned that to the fellow working behind the desk. His response was something we both agreed on ... smart move by [Scott] Walker to keep prices the same. Most golfers are Republican, so it's said (watch out, I have to duck now).

The wife came home early today. She wasn't feeling well. I did the best I could and am now going to put her to bed.

Not feeling so anxious to comment about stuff these days. One gets tired of fending off the idiots.

I have new respect, however, for dad29. Nine kids! Whew. Enough to make anyone crabby and juuust a little authoritative. He wants to meet my Dad and together attempt to reprogram me, but I have to pay the bar tab, he says. I like tequila and Dad likes manhattans.

My old man and I haven't seen eye to eye for quite a few years. I see no reason to change and don't think dad29's efforts will have any effect. But he's thoughtful to try.

Just Rambling ...

A friend suggested the name, Clint, for our baby if it's a boy. No! A man's got to know his limitations. Some don't have a clue and destroy their own arguments while trying to make one. It's so easy to refute neocons. Consequently, nope to Clint.

Kids back on Sunday. Will take them to the zoo or to State Fair. Ian's birthday on the 12th. He turns eleven. He's growing up way too fast.

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Anonymous said...
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Billiam said...

You're not seeing eye to eye with your Dad reminds me of two things.
1. The Mike & the Mechanics song "The Living Years"
2. My relationship, early on, when I met my Dad. I was 15 and knew everything. This changed by the time I was 34 or so. We saw eye to eye by then. Dad29's cool, and he doesn't eat much... LOL

Dad29 said...

OK. I'll re-arrange the deal.

Your dad and I meet and drink several flagons of joy-juice. We decide that you are incorrigible at the beginning so we can move to more important areas: settling the Middle East problem for openers, and repairing the State's budget problem as a side dish.

We'll send you the bill by email.

BTW, raising 9 chilluns is easy. My wife works on it 24x7.

Other Side said...

No. I want to be there. Sorry, that's the deal.