Thursday, June 01, 2006

A Thin Line

Thinly veiled racism indeed. This from Peter DiGaudio ...

The number of illegals in our county jails and state and federal prisons is
astounding. When the majority of the outstanding murder warrants in Milwaukee
are for illegal aliens who have fled the country and gone back to Mexico, the
false, misleading picture of the "hard-working immigrant who fled here for a
chance at a better life" disappears.
What does the number of thugs in prison have to even remotely do with the vast majority who truly came here to start a new life? The answer is … Nothing.

Unfortunately, their efforts for a new life are obscured by the prison minority DiGaudio refers to and by DiGaudio and the racists in our midst.

Is DiGaudio saying that the number of African-Americans in prison causes the picture of hard-working African-American citizens to disappear?

Is he saying that the picture of the hard-working Asian is a myth because some have committed crimes?

How about the hard-working Caucasian? Well, that’s just silly, right, Peter?

5 Swings of the bat:

Julie said...

First, how do you really know there are any hard-working Caucasians? We just like to sit back and rely on the minorities to do all the heavy lifting.

Second, from where is this man getting his statistics? Seems to me that he should produce some real statistics.

Other Side said...

He don't need no stinking statistics. It all comes from his addled brain.

Check his blog out. It's the sorriest collection of "poor me" pieces on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Tim - I am upset. I thought that I had the 'sorriest collection of poor me pieces on the internet'?

Other Side said...

I thought you were at the BBA picnic.

No, you are not the worst. I actually enjoy some of the things you write, in fact.

I also enjoy sparring with you. It's fun to disagree.

FYI: I have observed that you've attempted some journalistic pieces at your site. I have a degree in journalism and know it's no easy chore. Not bad stuff.

I should note that journalistic style requires that the word "Internet" be capitalized.

Anonymous said...

I have to work this weekend. One of the few crappy things about my job. So I could not be at the Spring Fling.

Thanks for the journalistic comment. Unfortunately when I do try to actually put my thoughts into paragraphs, I have a hard time remembering all of the rules from HS English classes.

I pre-write all of my posts in MS Word. That helps a lot as far as editing and revising. It also would catch the "I"nternet thing too.