Monday, June 26, 2006

Baby News

From Kelly ...

Baby Rock had his/her first ultrasound this afternoon (June 19, 2006). Measuring in at a whopping 5cm (2 inches) from head to butt. The heart could be seen beating strongly at a normal fetal rate of 162 beats per minute. We won't be able to hear the heartbeat until next month. The male/female question will not be answered until August or September. S/he was motionless at first but then did jump up and down several times while the technician was trying to get pictures (typical of a kid, right?).

The due date from our first appointment was estimated at 1/9/07. Based on the ultrasound, I might be slightly ahead of that, maybe 1/3/07. Since it isn't an accurate science (Baby Rock will make his/her appearance whenever s/he darn well feels like it), the official date still stands at 1/9.

I think it's a boy. Tim thinks it's a girl. 2 weeks ago we each thought the opposite. I've consulted 3 chinese birth charts. One says it is a boy. Two say it is a girl. Since Tim is "older" as fathers go, there is a slightly higher chance (53% or 58% - can't remember now) that it will be a boy. The girl name stands at Sophie right now. The boy name is Kellen. Lots of time left to get your vote in.

I am doing very well. I need to start eating better (read that as "MORE VEGETABLES!"). The nausea lessens every day. I still am tired a lot but I do have moments during the day where I feel energetic. Maternity clothes don't fit yet. But Tim's shirt and a pair of sweat pants are more comfortable than any other clothes of mine at this point.

Tim is doing well. I think he would say there are only moments of hormonal instability during the course of a day. Abby says my belly is only a little bit bigger. And Ian is still hoping for a boy. Max and Molly have no idea what's coming.

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