Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Barf Session

News Alert!

Jessica McBride said she would begin barfing if she read another glowing story in the JournalSentinel about a Sen. Russ Feingold listening session.

Leap forward in time ...

Jessica McBride barfing endlessly. Parents concerned about water safety. MMSD contacted and considering gag (we can only hope).

Charlie Sykes blames Gov. Jim Doyle for lack of action and announces new Deep Tunnel award to person(s) who solve the McBride vomitus issue.

Husband Paul announces new website claiming his wife's puking directly related to release of drug-addled criminals by Kate Falk, though she has nothing to do with their release and in fact was in the Bahamas when the release occurred.

Scott Walker drops out of race for governor, again. Says McBride's vomiting problems a sign from god.

Leaping a little more forward in time ...

JournalSentinel sued. Judge decides that glowing articles about Feingold listening sessions are indeed the cause ofJessica McBride vomitus. Pictures of damage caused by her puking sway his decision.

Scott Walker drops his candidacy for Waukesha County Supervisor for two reasons: god and, unbeknownst to him, all posts were eliminated in last election.

Leaping to the conclusion of this terrible ordeal ...

Giant sock stuffed down Jessica McBride's throat. No outcome expected.

Scott Walker begins barfing.

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grumps said...

George Bush pledges to spend "whatever it takes" to make her stop. F Jim votes against saying she should pull herself up by her bootstraps.

Halliburton gets no-bid contract for 2.4 million bootstraps. Life goes on.