Monday, March 13, 2006

Maybe Later

Just been tired...and busy. Have been helping my ten-year old with two school projects. I think he is finally understanding that he actually has to do some work at times. Of course, I think he became just a little depressed when I impressed upon him that he had at least another 11 years of schooling.

Have been working on my free agency bids for the fantasy baseball league in which I compete. This could be a good team. Managed to free up some salary cap room by trading off younger players with mediocre seasons...and acquired a good young pitcher and relief pitcher. If free agency goes as I hope, will have added Andruw Jones to play center field and Adrian Beltre at third base. Beltre is coming off a poor year, but his gold glove caliber defense will be useful.

Way to go, Russ. I'm sure my conservative blogger brethren will howl and whine about his censure move, but he did the correct thing. Bush and his cronies are a danger to America. The wiretapping was ILLEGAL. You can spin it anyway you doesn't matter.

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