Monday, February 20, 2006

Just a Little Bit of Love

My ten-year-old is confused by long division. So I've spent the last two evenings...about two hours worth...going over problem after problem with him, explaining where he's made mistakes and applauding him when he has done well. He says he's getting it...I foresee some more practice.

It seems to me that lost in the shuffle of the school choice issue is where has the drumbeat for parental personal responsibility gone. It's kind of hard to put teachers into seemingly no win situations and expect them to perform miracles. If the parents don't care, neither will the children.

And not every child is accepted into charter schools. What about the children who don't get accepted? And no, I don't think the answer is to increase the number of students that can go to charter schools...because, face it, the lack of real accountability is just going to prolong the problem.

There's no easy answer to this problem...the left certainly does not have the answer...nor does Charlie Yikes and the right wingers. Unfortunately, it won't go away just because everyone raises their voices.

Meanwhile, my son and I have time yet tonight to look over the rules for the science experiment he needs to complete before the end of the year. Time to go.

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