Sunday, January 29, 2006

Disinformation Part Two

Read comment under first posting titled Disinformation. One comment before continuing...James claims on his blog that I took his remarks out of context. It's hard to understand how that could have happened. His only remark was restricted to one sentence...the rest was a recap of the part he cherry picked from the article. I didn't know you could take one sentence out of context. Now if James had continued in his original piece with the information he provided in his comment, AND I had replied as I did, then he would have had a good argument.

But, still, this is why I like James. He's not afraid to weigh in, understands that amongst the serious issues one can still entertain.

Anyway, everything in his comment I essentially agree with, except that "trickle down" just don't work, James. If it did, then why has nothing changed for the better? And, I continue to say that my post was not inaccurate. He did cherry pick facts in an attempt to be sarcastic. Sarcasm is very difficult to write. Only the best writers can master it and I am by no means even close to doing so. James, if the sarcasm in something you write is only visible to you, then it wasn't done well.

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