Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We The People Defend This Nation

I get tired of responding to these clowns. But this was so blatantly sophomoric that I couldn’t pass it up. This from "Alicia" commenting on an anti-referendum post at Wigderson Library & Pub.

It's an emotional issue, and fear has a way of clouding sound judgment.If it
weren't for our history of troops defending our liberties,and our ideals,we may
not have had the luxury of holding a public referendum/elections/ and have
freedom of speech. Are these people who are anti-war also pro-Saddam Hussein
(and the likes of him? Our country has chosen to take a brave stand. The easier
path is to stand for nothing/do nothing then criticize the leadership who is
actually trying to achieve goals.

Alicia, which tyranny do you come from? Last time I looked, “we the people” were the protectors of our liberties and ideals. When did we give up that right and allow tyranny to triumph.

I am insulted that you seem to think that holding public referendums, elections and practicing freedom of speech is a luxury.



It is insulting for you to denigrate those who are doing their duty and are taking a stand for what they believe is the right course for this country, while you complacently enjoy the fruits of luxury.

I do not agree with you that our country took a brave stand in Iraq. I believe we are in the wrong in Iraq. I believe that we are the aggressor in Iraq. No one participating in these referendums is pro-Hussein…we should have took him out in the first gulf war, but George’s daddy’s Saudi friends advised against it then. Who is really looking out for our best interests, Alicia, certainly you don’t believe that the Saudis are?

No, Alicia, the easiest path is to do nothing, which is the path you have chosen. You have chosen to turn your back on civic duty and you have turned your back on the troops, our fellow citizens. That's right, Alicia, the troops are the same as me and those citizens standing up with the anti-war referendums: citizens.

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