Monday, April 03, 2006

They Need Serious Help

Tree hugging – it is somehow bad to hug a tree now and then. I’ve climbed trees when I was a kid and when I got too high, I hugged that tree for dear life. I felt sad when we had to cut the apple tree in the backyard down. It had provided apples for many years and contributed to numerous apple dishes. It provided shade. It provided food for animals who would visit our backyard. Hugging a tree is not such a bad thing, but Patrick McIlheran and conservatives would have you think so.

Anti-war – it is somehow bad to be against war. No one I know likes war. The military only fights war as a last resort. War causes death. Lots of it. The opposite of anti-war is, I guess to be for war. Is this really what Patrick McIlheran and conservatives want? That says something about their morals or lack thereof.

Peacenik – it is somehow bad to be for peace. See above.

More as they come up. Conservatives are such sad people.

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